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A Level for Law watch

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    I want to take Law at university and was hoping for some advice on which A-Levels to choose.
    Currently I'm planning on taking History, Law, Government and Politics, Maths...
    But I'm unsure if I still want to take maths as even though I'm predicted an A at GCSE in concerned at how hard its going to be.
    Any suggestions on what to stop it with, to not replace it or to keep it??
    Thank you!!


    I applied to Law for the 2016 UCAS cycle and was accepted by Durham, Oxford, York, Nottingham and Lancaster. This was with these subjects at AS and A2:

    AS: Maths, Economics, Biology, History, EPQ.
    A2: Economics, Biology, History.

    At interview I met people with a huge range of subjects - lots of people took History and/or English Lit, but some also took wholly STEM subjects. There is no 'right' combination for Law, although there are some obvious choices. The ones you have suggested seem fine, but some of the very top unis ask for at least 2 'band A' subjects at A2. History and Maths fit this criteria no problem, although Law and Gov/Pol are 'band B'. Which would you keep at A2?

    The reason I dropped Maths at AS was because I found it so difficult. Whether or not you will be successful depends on upon the person and one question: do you think like a mathematician?

    Personally, I do not. I got a pretty secure A* at GCSE so I decided to continue with it to AS, which in many ways I do not regret. It was completely new and pretty rewarding once you get the hang of something, but this came at a heavy price. I would do double the homework each week, complete every single paper available and get outside help but yet it was the bane of my studies. I really, really struggled. Around exam season, I finally started banging full marks on every past paper, yet when I went into the exam hall and met questions with difficult twists and new intricacies, I panicked. In the end I managed to achieve 86 UMS average across the AS Level (so a grade A), but I never fully understood what I was doing; plus, when I consider Biology (a subject I only really started trying in just before exam season because I was so preoccupied with Maths before this) and the ease with which I achieved over 90 UMS, it reminds me how much effort Maths really did require. I certainly wouldn't have been able to achieve an A* at A2 unless I pushed myself even harder than I did in Year 12.

    But don't let this put you off - there were others in my class that would get full marks on every question after meeting the theory once, and they would only need to brush up on it a few days before the exam. It just made sense to them.

    Make the decision based on your own way of thinking - only you fully understand your own mind. But, even if you do choose a subject that you aren't compatible with, anything is achievable if you push yourself and are prepared for lots of blood, sweat and tears :-)
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