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    I've noticed a few people on here who seem to struggle to understand what the term "SJW" really means, which is completely understandable because it's hard to pin down. However, once you've spent a while on the internet looking at people who are deemed "SJWs" you will begin to realise that there is a movement going on here.

    First off, lets look at the term "Social Justice Warrior". I don't much like it, but it's supposed to sarcastically refer to people who think they are bravely fighting for social justice, but who in fact are rather cowardly. It isn't the same as other internet buzzwords like "cuck", which is simply a fairly meaningless insult. It's an attempt to define a movement. Again, I don't particularly like it, but its the best we've got. Sometimes people use it willy-nilly, sometimes people just use it to mean leftists or liberals, but actually if you go onto sites that make fun of SJWs, or look at some of the people who enjoy arguing against them (such as SargonofAkkad) many of these people will actually consider themselves liberals. Moreover, if SJWs were actually liberal minded, I wouldn't have a problem with them.

    The reality is that SJWs don't really have any real affiliations to any actual political ideologies, and it would be difficult for them to have any because their thinking is generally filled with contradictions. They aren't particularly interested in actual political philosophies anyway though. Moreover, SJWs don't come to conclusions on subjects by looking through the prism of a real political ideology, they come to conclusions based on what seems to build on the SJW mentality.

    However, I would ultimately say that if we talk about the crude interpretations of left and right which the media generally uses, SJWs fall into the left, and as SJWs have absolutely no knowledge of anything beyond the crudest interpretations of leftism, there is little point in trying to think much further into it. However, just because someone is a lefty does not mean they are an SJW, any more than that someone who rides a motorbike must be a Hells Angel.

    It's very true that there are people on the right who are equally ridiculous, stupid, and easily-offended, but they just simply aren't the same movement. They are very, very similar people, but not the same movement. Just in the same way the Mods and Rockers both rode motorbikes, and were pretty much after all the same things in life, but were of course two separate groups.

    So what does define SJWs? The manner of speaking is a big part. They generally talk quickly, in a high pitched voice, with an air of smugness. Often the pitch and volume rises when they are becoming more outraged. Alternatively, they'll take a different tack where they look as smug as possible and talk in a very placating, teacherly way. There speech is filled with their own buzzwords, and you will often hear the same stock arguments over and over again (a bit like how you do with religious people) no matter how many times they are debunked. Their arguments are often filled with appeals to emotion, passive aggression, disingenuousness, and weaselling. It is also common for them to use Tumblr as way to connect with other SJWs.

    They sometimes wear particular clothing. Women may wear a headscarf with it tied into a bow at the top, so-called "problem glasses" (for more info on them, see here
    ), and hair dyed in bright, garish colours. Men's fashion is less defined, although many of them simply look like the women.

    Another thing that defines SJWs is they generally have a very poor understanding of history or science, and are generally not well read. If they read classic literature they would certainly want the vast majority of it banned. Here is a pretty good example of the amount of knowledge SJW's may lack

    So there you go, that's how I characterise them. And I think it's worth doing so, because it makes them easier to criticise. But I don't think you'll properly get it until you go and see for yourself. Check this site out before commenting https://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAct...sort=top&t=all

    And watch these videos:

    (She wrote a follow up to this on FB here, detailing her harrowing experience. The amount of comments supporting her are incredible)



    To be fair I think the vast majority of what most people would define as 'SJWs' mean well... They just try too hard to be politically correct and it sort of backfires and looks like they are really on the other end of the spectrum.

    Mind you, in simple terms of left and and right, the far left and far right are the exact same person to me, so what do I know?

    think Cancer
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