Accommodation with Amber Marsh - any experiences?

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Im at Imperial College London and have not had direct dealings with them, but from what i understad from my friends, ( mainly overseas ones -with LOTS of money !!) they have used them quite a bit. Apparantly they are well known to a lot of the Uni's. and have been registered with the Unversity of London for about 10 years which i supose must say something about them. ... you can see their name everywhere on teh student accommodation website and the one for the university of london.

My friends have said that they own a lot of their own properties but specifically target students and not people who are working....The only thing is that they charge fees for actually finding you a property ( ONLY IF you move in though, and NOT before) ..... I supose thats a small price to pay when you uconsider that that its the buisness they are in and if they can secure you a flat which in our area is an absolute NIGHTMARE !!..especially if you are foreign with no UK Guarantor. My friends did not mind as they said that they were able to secure a flat in JUNE and start renting it in SEPT - this is something that most agents could not do.

I dont think that they are involved with halls or large buildings as my friends have rented whole flats through them. Its better the devil you know and as far as i have found out no on one has had any problems. The assuarnce is the fact that they are registered with the university fo london and NALS which is a professional letting body of sorts.

hope that helps

regards Mayor
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Me and my brother has been renting through Amber Marsh for two years, so I'm quite sceptical about khushbakht's comment. As far as I know, the guy is Indian too, so how on earth would he be racist (towards his own race)?

I'm actually Malaysian, and we only found the agency through word of mouth. So far, my seniors have had nothing but good feedback, and that is why we started renting from him. He has tenants from all over the world, so I doubt Amber Marsh would be where it is today if they had a racist attitude.

Hope this helps. =)
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how much did you have to pay for the fee? (to hold the property is this person or as a whole flat?
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They take a one week holding deposit plus 1 week admin fee for the whole property.. which is non refundable once u move in. As mayorofbayswater explained, i think it depends on u if ure willing to pay for the fee. I had rent with ambermarsh for a year and was happy with their service bcs i went to a nightmare house hunting in which most uk letting agency require international students to pay either 6/12 months upfront or hve a uk guarantoor but ambermarsh save me from the situation..

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