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I got mediocre As grades ( B in psychology, B in sociology and a D in history). To be honest I was actually shocked with my results as I felt like I at least got an A in both sociology and psychology and a B in history as I somewhat did revise for them.

All year I had been getting A grades and now even my family were as I horrified as I was. Normally people's excuses of getting bad grades are down to the fact that they didn't revise which makes me feel even more like a failure as I did put effort in but still didn't get high enough.

I don't know if I should get my history paper remarked as I was 3 marks off a C even if I'm dropping it anyway? I do English lit as well but we didn't have an exam for that.

I feel like my chances of applying to an AAB entry requirement uni is no use as I assume I won't get any offers from them. I seriously feel like such a let down and what makes it worse is that I'm surrounded by smart people...
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I can understand why you feel this. I got grades below what I was predicted.

English Literature - C (Predicted A)
Biology - C (predicted B)
Psychology - B (predicted A)
Geography - C (predicted A)

I would get it remarked because that grade stays with you if you're dropping it. If you carry it on then normally the grade is useless. That's the case for biology for me which I may drop because I'm looking at AAB up to A*AA degrees and biology is my hardest subject.

I wouldn't feel that you're not capable of doing A levels. You've shown you can work to good standards in class so you are capable of doing well for A level work. It's still worth applying for the uni as they will also look at your GCSE grades and your predicted grades, not just your AS results as well as see what else you do away from the academic side and ask the school how you are as a student.
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I got BCDE at AS level but got 5/5 offers for AAA courses

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