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    You wouldn't get away with assaulting an adult.

    You wouldn't get away with harassing an adult (especially not at work).

    You wouldn't get away with being abusive or threatening to an adult.

    Why do we have one rule for adults but allow children to do all of this in school with no (or very rare) criminal consequences? Teachers are not sufficient in my opinion - I had teachers who let bullying go completely unpunished and even laughed it off on some occasions. The school-based punishments are also insufficient.

    We need to start treating children on a par with adults in this regard and make all of the above unlawful in schools with criminal consequences. I absolutely think it's right for the police to arrest a pupil on suspicion of harassing another pupil, for example.

    (Original post by Iridocyclitis)
    Why isn't bullying in schools treated as a criminal offence?
    I think it's because there's no criminal element in the act itself. No criminal intent.
    But it is probably also because criminalizing bullying does more harm than good. If bullying was a crime, we'd all have criminal records. And then what?
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    (Original post by Kendrik Lamar)
    I think it's because there's no criminal element in the act itself. No criminal intent
    Criminal intent is just a conscious decision to injure or deprive another. I guess the argument would be that minors aren't 'conscious' in the eyes of the law, they're rarely considered wholly culpable for their behavior.

    Weirdly, when kids used to harass me at school I wouldn't be given any help. On the street though, the police do get involved. It's a weird and horrible world.

    Sadly, 9 year old children have not quite just developed mental maturity yet to which is why they cannot be prosecuted. But i think you're right we should throw Jimmy, a year 4 pupil in jail for atleast 20 years for assaulting Josie, a year 5 pupil with a plastic spoon. Bloody scum deserves it eh?

    Teachers don't care if a student gets bullied anyway, so it wouldn't get reported. Also, adults are (usually) more mentally mature, therefore they are more aware of what they are doing.
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