Chances of getting into St. Andrews after resits?

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    Anyone done so?

    Predicted A*A*A but fell down to AAB in A2 due to extenuating circumstances; entry requirements for course are AAA. I'd be resitting to get the B to an A/A*, and possibly to get an existing A to an A* (a minimum of two and a maximum of four exams). 11A*s at GCSE, A in EPQ, AAAAA at AS.

    My worry is that the personal circumstances won't be considered serious enough to have warranted such a drop in performance, but I think they would be referred to in my references and such.

    I'd plan to spend my gap year productively with an academic focus: doing A2 French, AS Further Maths, doing online courses/attending lectures relating to my subject, keeping a blog that relates to my subject.

    The lady in undergrad admissions said I would be a less competitive applicant but their website states that reapplicants would be considered in the same way as first time applicants, though it didn't say anything about resits.
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    The University will normally consider only those results that have been achieved at the first sitting and in a single diet of examinations. Grades achieved across more than one diet, or through resits, will only be considered where there are mitigating circumstances. Please refer to the section on 'Applicants who have submitted mitigating circumstances'
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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