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I am currently struggling between these universities, any opinions on the subject?

To give a little bit more information if needed:

I want to work all around the world in law firms, companies, NGO, or even institutions, as a lawyer, I do not really care actually (I will be a lawyer specialised in business law and tax in about 2 months in France).

Correct me if I am wrong, to me an excellent LLM must represent 4 things that will be reknowned internationally: reputation, skills, international network, employability.

Here is the short version of my actual personal ranking:

1. Manchester 2. Warwick 3. Bristol 4. Queen Mary, University of London 5. Glasgow 6. Newcastle

And here are my thoughts in the long version for the warriors ^_^' (thank youuu):

1. Manchester
++ = Great rank, international reputation, employers like it a lot?, active and attracting city, lot of students to connect with
-- = Really good at law? Renowned for economics and business no?

2. Warwick
++ = Great rank, very good reputation inside and outside uk, lot of employers told me they hire these dudes
-- = Really good at law?

3. Bristol
++ = one of the best rank in law, very interesting new llm for 2016 including courses mixing law, sociology and politics
-- = kind of unknowned outside uk? maybe a bit snob I heard?

4. Queen Mary, University of London
++ = french law firms I could talk to said they like it a lot, wide range of very interesting courses, part of the University of London, London town influence for career, reputation and activity
-- = maybe seen as one of the worst inside london? ('competing' against UCL, LSE, and KCL :/), 'bad' rank inside and outside uk (except 3rd in the Guardian can someone explain me this???), especially in the world rankings

5. Glasgow
++ = reknowned school of law, good ranking inside uk, not bad worldwide
-- = kind of unknowned outside uk, especially for employers?

6. Newcastle
Well, seems to clearly be the weakest here from all points of view

Thank you so much everyone for your time and consideration, have a good holidays!
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So first off a law degree in the UK is an academic and not a professional one so doing one will not make you a lawyer. I think employers are less worried about where you went to uni and more so about what your grades were and what your qualifications and experience are. Pick the most interesting course from which you'll gain the experience and exposure you want to the things that interest you and go from there.

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