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    Hi,Im going to year 10 and as GCSES are coming I really wish that I get an good
    levels good enough to go to University.I know its kinda early of thinking about this
    but I want to make sure I get these levels especially as my parents really want me to do well.

    I hope someone could give me tips when they went through GCSES and came out
    with amazing marks I could really use some advice.Also could you tell me when I should literally revise and what methods of revision I should consider which will help

    All replies will definitely be helpful thanks x

    I got 11 A*-A's at GCSE, so hopefully what I did might help you a bit.

    What I found useful was making sure I reviewed topics as soon as I finished them. For example, once you finish a topic in science, make a mindmap of all key details, key terms etc from that topic. Stick it up somewhere where you'll see it everyday. If you start early, it makes it so much easier in the longrun. I also recommend making flashcards and testing them with classmates. It might also help if you try and teach a family member or friend the information you're trying to remember.

    When it gets around to exam time, try and do as many past papers you can. Particulrly on topics you're struggling on. If you know for example that in mathematics you're really good with circle theorems, focus more on something you dont quite fully grasp. Make sure you focus on full papers as well as separate topics.

    If you have to do any spoken language exams (like spanish or german), I had my teacher read out my speech/speaking that I had prepared and recorded it. I listened to it everynight whilst I slept for a few weeks and it stuck in my head really easy! I found it easier to remember because it was in someone elses voice.

    And most importantly, don't forget to ask for help if you need it. Your teachers are there to help you - so when you get stuck and cant figure out what to do, ask them! It won't hurt, and you'll better yourself by doing it. I spent most nights after school sat with my teachers just cramming questions in and getting help until I understood it.

    Try not to overwork yourself. Start early and you'll save yourself a lot of time and save yourself from a lot of stress.

    Find the best revision method for you,
    I am a "visual" learner.
    Take a test online to find your learning style as it helps a lot but in general, for GCSE I made posters and flashcards and all sorts of wacky things.
    I made a timeline for history as well and case studies guides for geography.

    I found making stuff fun and in addition it's a for of revising and learning at the same time!
    hope this helps!

    Find the revision style that helps you early! You don't want to be doing loads to find out it's not going in! I found using a range and mixing up what to revise helps so you don't get bored. Also online revision tools like 'get revising' and 'GoConqr' really help to make resources and look at other people's and review topics!
    If there's anything at all you don't understand, keep talking to teachers to make sure you know exactly what you're doing. Perhaps get textbooks that contain all the information you need and only the information you need. Past papers really help closer to the time - do as many as you can!

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    make sure you dont get distracted by your social ife as there will be plenty of time for that. don't be a follower. and make sure all coursework is completed as quickly as possible at A* standard because even though they give you alot of time to complete it. you get into a habit of spacing out your time to do coursework and heres just too much so dont mess about.
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