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(Original post by charlord)
i didn't write in there and i still got an interview. my reasoning was that this gave them more to test me on on interview and if I couldn't think of anything else to say straight off my head, then why make something up for them to test me on - they do this every year and know if it has just been written to please them.
however, i didn't get a place overall nor did I get pooled (i applied to downing) - perhaps this had something to do with it, but im not convinced. if they want you, they want you regardless of what you write on the form as really, this is a preliminary test just to sort out the top 30 from all the hundred of applicants.
If you want to go in with your best chances though, then why not write in the box - your not loosing anything and won't wonder 'what if' like me
Charlord, did you apply to Downing for medicine? (I'm only asking 'cos I did too...)
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