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    I had always intended to do biology at a-level however I've asked around a tad and it seems the success i had at gcse doesn't necessarily mean I would have the same experience at college/sixth form and those who have a proactive desire and are really into biology are the ones that stand a chance at doing well at a-level

    First of all, I really don't think GCSE performance determines how you do at A-Level. Secondly, I really disliked biology but still ended up with an A* at A-Level so you don't have to enjoy it to do well (though revision felt like torture). Biology is not an easy subject, but it is the easiest of the three sciences (it was for me at least...). If you've always intended to do it at A-Level then surely that means you enjoy it? Content wise, it's pretty interesting - with the exception of all ecology modules (disgustingly boring), but because there's so much content you need to spend quite a lot of time learning + understanding it. There are many videos on YouTube for biology; probably more than for the other sciences so if you struggle with anything you can easily find help. Physicsandmathstutor is a great website that has biology notes and past papers (very helpful for all the sciences and maths). I would say do it if you enjoy it or if you need it for your chosen university course (if you have one that is). Don't do it just because you did well at GCSE! Good luck

    When I was doing A Level Biology I didn't really see any correlation between how people did in Biology GCSE and Biology A Level and from what I have seen what that person told you is the best indicator at how well people will do at A Level.

    I think a lot of students take A Level Biology because they did well at GCSE and think they can achieve the same result at A Level doing the same amount of work as they did for their GCSE. There is a lot of content and you have to be motivated enough to learn it. Everyone I know who tried tended to do well in the exams, while the people who took it just to have an 'easy' science A Level tended to do badly.

    So, no, doing well in GCSE Biology doesn't guarantee a good result at A Level, but as long are you're motivated enough there is no reason you can't do well. Hope this helps!

    I think that your success at GCSE will only mean that you're successful at A-level if this success was due to you enjoying the subject. If it was just a doss for you and you didn't try yet still managed to come out with an A*, you won't do well at A-level. You need to really enjoy learning about biology, so that if you don't understand something you straight away do what you can so that you understand, and not just think "oh well". I have just achieved an A in my AS Biology, and I do think that the difference between me and somebody achieving a D grade is that I like to learn the subject, I go out of my way to research something when I realise that it doesn't quite make sense in my head. I'm the sort of person that never hands in homework on time, yet I still came out with AAA in my AS exams, so I really think it is down to enjoyment of the subject as that makes you thrive to learn more and go above and beyond what is expected of you. I really think that if you don't enjoy a subject, you shouldn't take it at a-level, even if you managed to be top of the class without trying at GCSE. And this is even more relevant if it's a science subject I think. Once you become bottom of the class compared to all of the other a-level students who are enjoying the subject, it is really difficult to motivate yourself to want to try because you just give up. Being that you posted this yesterday, I'm guessing you have already chosen your A-levels? If you've already chosen Biology and are regretting your choice a bit, try not to worry! I know that at my school we were able to swap a-levels if we didnt enjoy them in the first few weeks Also, try to start looking at a revision guide or something similar before you go back, because if you go into the class knowing your stuff you will feel a lot happier being there! I do think that biology is quite a gradual step up from GCSE as a lot of the content you already know, you're just taught it in further detail! Good luck :-)~Abbie, Biology Geography and French student
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