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Difference between Biological Sciences degree vs Biology degree

Can anyone give me any insight on the differences? Is it a major difference?

I hold an offer for Biology at Southampton but regret not putting Cardiff as my firm as it was a Biological Sciences degree which appeared to be more flexible, however am not sure if I am over thinking it...
I don't think there is much difference between them really. I'm doing a Biology degree, but in my first year the undergraduate office emailed us telling us they were thinking of changing the name of the course to Biological Sciences for the next year and asked our opinion on it. Most people seemed to think Biological Sciences 'sounded' harder and included more from the other sciences, while Biology sounded easier. They changed the name, but the course stayed exactly the same so I think the name just depends on what the university thinks will attract more students. The course at Cardiff may be more flexible, but that will just be because of the way they run the course, rather than the name :smile:

I know people at Cardiff and Southampton and they've all really enjoyed their time at the university, so unless you really hate Southampton or the course I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Depends on the Uni, Usually Biology degree's might be more broad maybe some ecology and a more big picture focus I think.

While Biological sciences are more about Biology as a tool for human advancement.
I can help you understand the difference between a Biological Sciences degree and a Biology degree. The main thing to know is that they are quite similar. Biology usually focuses more on the study of living organisms, while Biological Sciences covers a broader range of topics related to living things. The specific differences can vary between universities, so it's best to check the course details at Southampton and Cardiff to see which one aligns better with your interests and goals.

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