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    Alright chaps thanks for checking out my thread.
    I'll start at the start of 5th Form - Year 11 - before my mock exams. I was never really a "gifted," student as per say rarely achieving more than one or two exams in the 80% or higher region every time we have exams (end of winter and summer,) so naturally I wasn't expecting myself to gain more than a handful of A stars at most. After I had a brain operation at the JR Hospital (Oxford,) the Summer before Fifth Form I was in awe of the surgeons and doctors who helped me throughout my stay there. They inspired me to hopefully one day become a doctor however I realized the treacherous journey ahead (considering how competitive med schools are in the UK.) Anyway during the Christmas holidays I really tried to knuckle down and achieve the best grades I possibly could in my mocks to prove to myself that it's possible to achieve greatness in the actual exams.
    After sitting my mocks and receiving my results - 3A* 5A's and 2B's I was relatively happy however i knew that due to the competitive nature of medicine those grades probably weren't going to help me. My weakest subject by far was german hence basically every night (excluding a few,) I would studiously log on to memrise and learn some killer vocab and phrases in the hope my grade could be lifted from a B to a A (as my school wanted everyone to gain "flat certificates." So that was going well until my confidence plummeted when we received our predicted grades.
    We all had to talk to the Master for around 10 minutes about our grades and what we wanted to go on to do. I stated I would like to study medicine however he informed me that my German teacher predicted a C as my overall GCSE result for German (due to an awful first attempt at the oral,) hence I was doubting my chances of gaining a good grade for german.
    Anyway in the Easter holidays I worked hard going over fact after fact and writing up so many correction sheets after doing past papers (the key to my "success," which helped me a great deal to absorb all of the necessary information.
    My first exam - History iGCSE - which I was predicted an A* (I was predicted 7A*'s 3A's and a C,) and I knew how important this exam was in me reaching the 8A* threshold for medicine. So that went well and then in the coming weeks the exams came as an onslaught until I finally reached half term when I chilled for a while until it was time for me to bang out some cheeky biology and english revision.
    I felt relieved after the exams were over and I could finally enjoy my long awaited Summer.
    The 24th of August - GCSE grade boudary release day approached so quickly. I stayed up until 3 in the morning (quite usual for me,) to read the edexcel boundaries (as we did all 3 sciences german and maths with edexcel hence they were really important,) and to my delight they were all really low with german being 8% lower for an A* (only 80%.) I knew that it was almost impossible for me to achieve and A* in german simply because I knew I wasn't great at the subject itself. After reading the AQA boundaries as well I felt confident the night of results day - and of course I checked up on the student room repeatedly throughout the night.
    The 25th of August - GCSE results day. So here I am with my brothers - I am a triplet (which meant the press in the school hall wanted to take a picture with each of us - kind of embarrassing.) I just stared out of the window praying I achieved 7A*'s as I knew that surely would be enough for medicine. As I left the car I gave my mum one more hug then I entered the looming school hall to collect my results. As I slowly opened the envelope and pulled out the results sheet I was literally *****ing myself knowing if I didn't make the grades then entry into medicine would be put off for at least 3 years (for graduate entry.) After studying my results I wanted to scream with joy becuase not only did I achieve the unthinkable - an A* in german - I mean come on I was predicted a C - I gained 9 A*'s and an A which I knew was good enough for most medical schools. I ran to my parents and simply started to celebrate as it was genuinely the best moment of my life.

    Sorry my story is a bit of a slog - hope you guys enjoyed it.
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