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    Hi everybody,

    I'd like to start off by congratulating everybody for completing their GCSEs! After 5 years of high school, we've finally come out the other end with our results. I'd also like to let the people who didn't do as well in their GCSEs know that everything will be absolutely fine. My results today were an absolute shocker. I honestly couldn't believe how I did in some subjects. The subjects I really wanted to do in sixth form I did absolutely terribly in, and that to be honest just sucks.

    I wanted to do Computing, History and Business at A-level. My history grade was a few marks off of a B. Whilst looking at the individual test grades I was shocked. The topic I absolutely hated the most which was Britan (c1931-1951) was my strongest individual result. I was 2 marks off of an A in this paper which I simply don't understand. Britain has always been my weakest topic in history. I was getting straight G's and F's in Britain during Year 10, so getting this grade in Year 11 has really confused me. My strongest topic which is International Relations I only got a C in and I'm just absolutely lost. I don't think I will ever truly accept that I did better in Britain than International Relations. This is by far the most surreal experience in my entire life, and it's just sad. But moving on...

    Business Studies... Oh boy.... I honestly don't even know what to say. The subject which I really enjoyed, which I really wanted to learn more about I didn't get even get a C... Oh no... I straight up failed and got a D. That's right a D... A D in a subject I wanted to do for A-levels since I started it in Year 10. Can you actually believe how pathetic that sounds? I spent so much time revising business... I had 30+ pages of notes, and I practically was able to recite the damn revision guide. But I go on to get a D in the subject? Really? Hours upon hours of revision for a D? I sacrificed revising for S=science because I wanted a really good business grade, but what happens? I get a terrible business grade, but a great science grade? I just don't get it. I did way better in a subject that I didn't even revise for, as opposed to a subject I spent hours on daily. I'm lost to be honest. Simply lost.

    Whilst everything didn't go as planned for results day, I still have my options open. I didn't do extremely bad to a point where I can't do any subject, I just didn't do as well to ensure that I could do the subjects I really wanted to do. So right now I have to appeal to my school to allow me to do history. It's extremely likely that they will not let me do history, but I'm hopeful... If they don't allow me to do the subject, then I just don't know to be honest. I really want to stay at my school more than anything else. The location is perfect, the teachers are good, I have friends in the school, and it's a great community. My other option is to switch schools but even then I'll be screwed over. My options at this other school would be IT, Economics, Business and Media Studies. This would mean that I'd have to sacrifice the subject I want to do the most over anything else, which is computing. My last option would be to do Government & Politics, Computing, Sociology and History at a college that's around 40 minutes away from me. But even then, they're going to have to show me some leniency as I didn't get the exact entry requirements they want. Plus my mother really wants me to stay at a sixth form instead of going to a college, so I doubt she'd let me go to this college. That's pretty much the situation i'm in. I'll have to travel around tomorrow going from sixth form to sixth form, and this other college. Based on what my school decides tomorrow, I may have nothing to worry about. If they allow me to do history then that would be the most ideal thing for me. I could stay at the school I want, do the subjects I like, and most importantly be happy. If not, then I have some serious decision to make over the next few days.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to address some of the soon to be Year 10s and 11s. My advice for you is simply, don't stay in a bad place. You're going to have a lot of bs thrown at you during your GCSEs. Don't sit around and just take it, because it definitely will be the biggest mistake of your life. When it comes to things like Maths and English don't fool around. Cs are good and all, like sure you can do 20-40% of the A-levels offered by most sixth forms/colleges. However, if you get Bs in both subjects you'll have 70-80% of the subjects offered by most sixth forms/colleges available to you. It is absolutely vital that you keep this in mind. If you're in foundation tier for maths or english, definitely do not remain in there for your exams. It will be the biggest mistake you could make. Complain to get yourself moved out of foundation and to be placed in higher (granted that i know the systems are changing, but i'm not sure how the new system will work so i'm refering to the old one). No matter what happens you MUST secure yourself higher tier for maths and english. Even if that means speaking to your head teacher, a school governor, the press or even a local MP. If you manage to get through all of that and you still get rejected higher tier, then drop out of your school and find a place elsewhere. This is the most beneficial piece of advise I can give you. So many individuals go through hell because of foundation tier, don't let yourself be one of them, get out early.

    To the soon to be Year 12s, good luck with life. You may have not done as well as you wanted to, but there are ALWAYS other options. There is ALWAYS somewhere that would take you in and give you an education, and no matter where that is, take it, and get the education you deserve. So hopefully when you get your A-level results or equivalents you'll be much prouder of them then your GCSEs, and overtime your GCSEs will just become less significant to you once you complete further education (provided you have atleast a C in maths and english). To the Year 12s who are enrolled to wherever they want to go, and are doing the subjects they want, good job and good luck. We all know that GCSEs can be extremely difficult under the stress we go under. And that whilst GCSEs are nothing compared to A-levels, we did all work hard, and we all do deserve a pat on our backs for getting through the 5 years of work.

    Good luck future GCSE & A-level students.

    (Sorry for the essay btw LOL)

    TL;DR: You ALWAYS have other options if you didn't do as well as you wanted to do in your GCSEs.

    I'll leave this here which I'll update tomorrow morning depending on if I'm allowed to do history.

    Was I able to get put on the history course?: ?

    I wish you luck for tomorrow buddy - it seems like you really deserve to study history at A level.
    I hope your school allows you to do it.and just remain optimistic as if it goes wrong you could always use the open university which has no entry requirements after A levels to study history
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