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Hi everyone,

I'm getting a laptop of some sort for a maths degree at Bath uni. I don't know if there's any benefits of the MacBook or surface pro over the other. They would both come to a pretty similar price. Any suggestions? I literally know nothing about laptops! 😂😁

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The MacBook Air is a good laptop. It has decent specs, good battery life, looks good, so in general is suitable for most people. I have also heard that it has a very long lifespan and can still run 'good as new' two years after purchase. Despite this, it is very overpriced in comparison with various other Windows-based laptops.

The Surface Pro 4 is also a good laptop (/tablet?). As you probably know, it can be used as a tablet with a functional stylus, and can be completely detached from the keyboard. It is more portable than the MacBook, and would also be easier to use in lectures if you wished to use it for note taking and such. It is a relatively niche product, so I couldn't make a price comparison with any other devices.

Overall, I would personally opt for the Surface, largely because it has a touch screen. and therefore can also be used as a tablet device. It is ultimately down to you though, so i'd advise making a list of everything you require in a laptop and then checking out which device fits those needs the best.

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