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Are there any books you would recommend I read before I start my first year studying Chemistry?

Thank you xx
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Just go over your alevel specification and make sure you know it well for the mean time (before you start university). Remind yourself of topics such as vsepr/periodic trends/entropy/enthalpy/organic chemistry in general including mechanisms.

No point reading textbooks before you start as you will burn yourself out before university even starts.

Just keep on top of the course material as you're being taught it and write up your lab reports as soon as possible and you'll be fine for the first year.

Textbooks I recommend for first year are: - General overview of all inorganic/physical/organic. This is a staple, this will give you the first year basis. Should be good enough for SEM1.

After SEM1 in first year you will need to start using more specialised textbooks:

Organic - This will last from 1st year to 4th. Best organic textbook you'll find. Its a life safer, honestly a god send!

Physical - Although quite advanced for first year you will still need it from 1st year to 4th. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing but the best physical chem textbook you'll find.

Inorganic - From my experience different universities/people use different textbooks. There is no universal "the best inorganic textbook for MChem" unlike for organic/physical. I tend to use a mix between and

All these textbooks will be available in your library so I wouldnt purchase any yet. Get a feel of them all and you will prefer ones over others.

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