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I collected my A Level results last week from college and received a B in Edexcel Psychology.

I paid for the priority photocopies of the modules (Unit 2 from AS and Units 3 & 4 from A2) on results day, but was emailed by the exams officer from my college later in the day, stating that the photocopies are currently unavailable and if I still wanted to see them I should speak to the Head of the school, so I replied and said, don't bother, it's fine.

Today, I received a letter stating "On your provisional exam results statement the grade released to you was B, with a module grade of a (80) for Unit 6PS03"

"Grades are made available to Colleges by the awarding bodies the day before the release to students. The College downloaded all grades on the morning of the 17th August in order to prepare the results slips to all students. These were then issued to students on the morning of 18th August".

"On further investigation, it has become apparent that revised grades were issued by Pearson later on the afternoon of 17th August. The reason for the revision is due to moderation by Pearson. This has resulted in a revised overall grade of C with a module grade of- d (40)".

I received A, 80/80 UMS in the Unit 3 module before, now it's D, 40/80 UMS.
And for the Unit 4 A2 module I received D, 60/120 UMS. I remember reading articles about the Exam boards "Guesstimating" grades last year when scripts go "missing", seems like that's what they did, since both A2 units are now 50% UMS each. Btw for AS last year, I got A, in Unit 1, 64/80 UMS and C in unit 2, 78/120 UMS. I retook Unit 2 this year and got B, 88/120 UMS.

Anyone have any idea what might have happened?
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Just found out the same thing happened to someone else in our class, his Unit 3 was changed from A to E, overall grade from A to C.

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