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Do I have a maths learning disability or am I just bad at maths? watch

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    Not quite sure where to post this.. sorry if I posted in the wrong section.

    Basically for years, I've struggled with maths. I've always been behind the rest of the class when it came to lessons, with some rare exceptions where I was good at some questions because I finally understood all the steps.

    I can't do basic mental maths, as in even something like 7 + 5 or 9 + 4 takes me to get my fingers to count. I know the maths rules and all, because I did pay attention in class and had maths tuition so I'm okay with stuff like the maths symbols.

    However, I don't know measurements very well, and I'm not good with maps, I can't tell how long 5 km or even 1 mile in my head to picture it on the road. I struggle to figure out what 35 ml is or 9 pounds. I also could only read digital time for a while until people taught me how to read the time on the clock, and it still takes me a moment to count the minutes.

    I struggle with counting money sometimes and there have been moments where I've even used my toes in situations where I needed to calculate or count something. I really can't do it mentally.

    I know I should go check up by myself instead of posting online, but I really want other people's opinions first. Am I just really bad at maths or do you think I might have dyscalculia? I mean, are there people like me who are bad at maths but they don't have a learning disability?

    This is like looking into a mirror. Seriously I'm terrible at maths. I have the same finger counting things, addition multiplication subtraction none of it comes mentally easy to me and physical working out takes some time for multiplication and division. It's quite embarrassing in socials situations I know, BELIEVE me.
    After I had done Math GCSE and got a B (from an E at my past mock simply due to hard core work), I thought I'd never have to deal with it again but obviously, Maths is everywhere.

    Id never thought of it to be a disability. For me, I've never ever had a good mathematical grounding in school. Basics weren't taught properly and where instead they just assumed we knew it. I think, with me personally, its just that I don't catch on to the theory very quickly at all. In terms of mental maths, I've just never had to ever do it often enough to train my brain in it; everything was just written down at the side of an exam paper. I genuinely think its that. If you were to take 3 months to train your brain to do mental maths I honestly believe you will be able to do it. This is my plan too because im sick of not being able to calculate percentage off in a store sale 😂

    Dont worry about it at all. I don't think its anything weird but it's just that your brain needs training in quick math. There are lots of different apps for that

    Hope this helps!
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