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    I posted this in the Thinking of Studying Law subforum but I didn't notice that its rather inactive. I hope its okay that I post it here. Sorry if its not.

    Okay so I'll jump right in. I am 21 and due to issues as a teenager (15-19) I currently do not possess any qualifications. I currently work as a labourer but I feel I have not lived up to my potential. I have been looking at qualifications, degrees and careers for a while now as I save money to fund them. I've narrowed it down to a few I see as things I would enjoy or maybe give me the best career progression. Law is obviously one of those paths I'm thinking of but first I need to do some research into each of these choices I have a few questions regarding my options and pathways into the legal sector.

    I haven't quite decided which direction in the legal world I'd like to go but I'm guessing they all start with a degree. I have setup an appointment with a learndirect centre to take an assessment and hopefully receive my level 2s. I am pretty confident I can pass these with a little revision. After I plan on enrolling on an access to HE law diploma and then on to university for a LLB degree. So to my questions.

    1.Is this the best pathway I can choose to land a job

    2.If so how will my lack of GCSEs and A-levels affect my career prospects in the Legal sector. I understand that Pupilage and Training contracts are very hard to land but will they look negatively on the equivalents even if I achieve a good degree.

    3.Is a Law degree even worth me taking without the aforementioned qualifications and just equivalents. Banking and Finance is also a career field I am looking at, I heard law degrees are quite respected in that sector too. Thanks

    With regards to GCSEs, no one will really care if you don't have them. They will expect good grades if you do (and still not all of the firms), but it won't matter if you haven't taken the exams.

    As for A-levels, I would strongly recommend you do these over the access course. Firms are very snobby about these, and most of them don't quite consider access courses as equivalent. That is not to say they won't consider you - many still will. But, given the competition as you say, it's better to meet the criteria than hang on to the firms' willingness to accept your application regardless.

    The difference, however, is that A-Levels will be harder to get better grades in, so you may wish to discuss this with a college. Ultimately, it's better having a non-traditional qualification with better grades than having a more traditional with bad grades.

    In any case, make sure you apply to good unis, preferably RG (the higher you aim the better).

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    I skimmed through secondary school was only in 35% of the years on average, managed to crawl into 6 form... I did well in my A levels and thought I want to do Law.

    Whilst I was at Law school, Law firms wanted to know about your current progression and what you're doing alongside your degree...

    As long as you're dominating your assignments etc

    Not once was I asked about my GCSE's or A-levels.

    Just do your best get good results, try to get into a decent University.

    I personally lookedup the top 5 Law firms in the UK, studied their partners to see where they studied read articles they wrote etc.

    Also volunteer at a local Law firm; helps reinforce your interest in Law (Think about Law related things to write in your personal statement), also you get an understanding what it is to be a solicitor maybe an insight into what you want to specialize in.

    I was interest in corporate Law, litigation and problem resolution.

    I have a family friend that only recently became a solicitor shes 38.

    Read (Get use to reading a lot!!!!!!!!!!):
    Letters to a Law student - Nicholas J McBride
    The Rule of Law - Tom Bingham
    The Law Machine - Clare Dyer
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    Thanks for the replies guys you've helped me out a lot. After I obtain the level 2s I will look into A-levels instead of the access course. I have just skimmed through google and found some distance learning bodies that provide them. It will probably take me longer to get to uni but if it gives me the best chances of a training contract I suppose its worth it.

    My goal is to get to Nottingham as its the best university that is relatively nearby. It would be my first choice but I don't mind one that is further away if I am unsuccessful. They do accept Access to HE but I think you need 30 credits at distinction, not sure about the equivalents. I will also look into your reading recommendations and order one of them tomorrow.

    Thanks again for the help.
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