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    This is a message i recently sent to someone who wanted some help and so it is directed towards him if you find the writing style strange. I have never been a high flyer but have stayed in the fringes of top set and was very nervous about doing triple, however i reluctantly did it and in the end due to hard work i got AAA. if any of you are worrying about next year and wish to gain some tips from a veteran here it is:

    firstly, thank you for the kind words, i hope you can achieve the same! now to start, i had 6 science lessons a week in school (2 per subject) and honestly i didn't start revising until three weeks prior. you COULD do this if you do not care for science like me (i much prefer history) but if you want to work a bit harder you definitely start earlier. Science ate away my revision time so i would suggest you use this resource - http://www.my-gcsescience.com/ - it is the single reason i got what i got. it is excellent and i advise you go through each video making essential notes and completing the exam questions that go with it. Your school may have this resource as it costs for unit 2 & 3 but if you have to pay for it, it is well worth it. i would suggest that you go through a topic a day now at the start of year 11 and about 2 months prior to the exams do a lot more, this is what one of my friends did and he got two A*'s and an A!

    i dont know if you are doing coursework or not but if you are the coursework is key, in the actual exams for Biology i got an A in unit 1,B in unit 2 and a C in unit 3, however my coursework was full UMS - so it is essential in order to get an A or higher. if your school is good enough to give extra lessons - seize that opportunity, identify your weakness in past papers and ask for help from your teacher! in unit 3 for Chemistry i did not understand hard and soft water and i asked my teacher and she helped me understand it very well, i shall never look at water the same way! Finally, do lots of past papers - i did 3 for each unit so i did 27 past papers! (thats a lot of paper!) and it was worth it. Especially in Physics, the questions repeat themselves with slight differences, you can learn that pattern. in regards to organisation, i would ask your teacher not to have a book to write in, use loose paper and organise it into the relevant unit, so if you need to look over them you easily can, you dont want to look all over a book getting stressed for 10 minutes when it could be a few seconds. I hope you do really well in your science as even though i hate it and have no intention of doing it in further education it is still very important for basic jobs and is very rewarding when you get good grades, good luck!

    (if you have any questions please PM me and i would be happy to respond)
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    Thanks for sharing, will hopefully help some people starting their GCSEs!

    Anyone that wants some "information" on the the mygcsescience videos PM me

    I came out with CCC and honestly it's because I underestimated how much extra I would have to revise and learn. The Unit 3's were the hardest (in my opinion) and I didn't realise how much time that they would take up in my revision schedule. My advice would be to begin making notes right away and always read over your books and revision guides otherwise it's really easy to fall behind, especially with all the other GCSE's you're taking too. Good luck

    This is so true. I watched all mygcsescience's videos and did lots of past papers. Besides that I didn't really do much more revision and came out with AAA in triple science.

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    With lots of revision and hard work you can get good results!
    I achieved A*A*A* and achieved A* in every exam. Start revision early and make sure you understand everything. Save past papers for a couple of weeks before the exams and do all of them and mark yourself harshly! Get good marks in your coursework and take advantage of breakfast clubs and after school clubs!

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