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AVOID Clinical Sciences at Bradford- DO NOT DO IT!!!

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    A number of people might have accepted, or be looking to apply, to the Clinical Sciences course at Bradford with a view of transferring to Leeds Medical School.

    I've had the displeasure of completing this degree and I have just graduated. I now feel it is my honest duty to expose the real nature of this course which has reduced dozens of my year group from enthusiastic, motivated students to emotionally and mentally drained people who have been treated totally abysmally- and to add insult to injury have got into thousands of pounds of debt for it!

    If I sound like I'm just bitter because I never transferred- I'm honestly not, it's something you deal with- but hear me out.

    Most people don't transfer. And once you don't, the faculty's interest and care for you just plummets. We found that bespoke Clinical Sciences modules are run and organised terribly from year 2 onwards. Our cohort were used as guinea pigs; new modules and staff were basically tested on us. When they backfired- it was implied we were always the ones who hadn't worked hard enough or engaged. The faculty takes no responsibility whatsoever for it's mistakes and point blank refutes all feedback. In final year some dissertation supervisors didn't bother helping the people they're meant to supervise properly- i.e. not replying to emails, telling them one thing then marking them the other way...this had a huge impact on people's marks. Random marking was a recurrent theme throughout the degree, which was another blow to people's confidence.

    The director of the course had a substantial complaint made against them this year because dozens of students felt there was a culture of not being able to speak out and say negative things about the clinical sciences course. To date we've had no response from the faculty about it. This is testament to the abysmal way students are treated- 6 months after a complaint is reply whatsoever! In an exam, the same person gave people who'd been given poor quality graph paper a hard time and pressured them to try and finish early. This is totally unprofessional behaviour for a member of staff in an exam setting. In a meeting with the cohort she rolled her eyes and behaved in a dismissive way towards people voicing their opinions and trying to make a point. The course management has no respect whatsoever for the students whose tuition fees pay their salaries.

    Deadlines were often planned ridiculously. In final year, alongside our dissertations, we had a 9-12,000-odd word personal development portfolio (yes- you read that right- they expect you to type 50 odd pages each year about how you've developed academically- even though these are also marked apparently randomly), as well as a lengthy report on healthcare economics (we were casually expected to just get our heads around the whole field of economics and apply it to healthcare and write a report on it)..all due within a week of each other. Bearing in mind some people's supervisors didn't help them properly, this meant the level of pressure in the final couple of terms was just merciless and frankly horrible. People developed mental and emotional illness because of the difficulty. Then only eight days later the final exams were scheduled. It wasn't a case of being organised; it was just relentless and really unpleasant. It wasn't an enjoyable learning experience, it was hell! If I could turn back time and do another course instead I would. I'm a fairly capable and hard-working student, but that course was just something different. Don't do Clinical Sciences at Bradford.

    Send this to UoB's TSR and get this in formal writing for the dean

    Hey I'm thinking of applying this year with the intention of going to leeds after year 0 or year 1. What are the chance? how many people from your degree actually got places?
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