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(Original post by Bhaal85)
Alternatively go into Phones4U or the Vodafone shop, and ask them to send you your MMS and GPRS settings, what happens is a text message is sent to your phone, and when you open them, you are prompted as to whether you want the settings saved, choose yes. It's free.

Though be aware that the sending of picture messages to other netwroks isn't 100% up an running yet.

quite often the problem is that your sim card isnt able to send mms... if it didnt come in the box with the phone this is probably the case and youll need to get a new sim card. eg. only orange 12th generation (i think) or higher can do mms and an O2 sim in a vodafone phone probablky wont be able to access multimedia.
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(Original post by Mad Caddie)
Siemen make notoriously unreliable phones, you never know what to expect with them.

BTW: Does anyone know what the message centre number is for Vodaphone? Is it the same for all mobiles.
the message centre number is the same 4 all vodaphone mobiles.
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