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Gap Years, UCAS and a (Large) Slice of Immaturity… Watch

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    Gap Years, UCAS and a (Large) Slice of Immaturity
    A blog by NeverLucky
    Rated M for Many Dank, Much Memes (Wow.)

    The Start of Something New
    Update #1
    Date: 29/08/2016
    Location: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Get it? Cos my name’s NeverLucky…and leprechauns and pots of gold are lucky…which means rainbows…I’m see myself out now…)

    Disclaimer: I do not intend to offend anyone, anything or any inanimate Justin Bieber Fan in the writing of this blog. However, read at your own risk.

    Hi everyone and welcome to the start of hopefully a long years’ worth of blogging by me!
    I noticed that there aren’t many people that blog about their gap years and their experiences. I hope to remedy that by doing exactly that! Follow me in my journey through the next 12 months as I go through my gap year; the highs and the lows, UCAS and washing clothes. Follow my journey through thick and thin(and hope I don’t end up homeless in a bin).
    Jokes and rhymes aside, I wish to impart my experiences during my gap year so people can use this as a reference if anyone’s thinking about taking a gap year next year (or indeed the coming years). I hope to update this blog at least once a week (more often if something big happens in my life) and at any time,feel free to ask any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them. Now let’s begin!
    PSA: I’ve never written a blog before. Pls don’t h8 :P (tho I'll apprici8 any constructive criticism)

    About Me:
    So I decided it was best to wait until after results day to start this blog. Why? Cos then I’d have a good idea where this next year is going to head. If I did good, then I’ve started this blog on a high note which will hopefully continue through the next 12 months. If I did bad…well…this post probably won’t see the light of day. Alas, the fact that you’re reading this right now is probably a positive sign and now you probably want to know what I got, so here goes…
    My Academic Results:
    GCSEs: 8A*s, 4As and 2Bs
    A in Mathematics (Edexcel)
    A in Further Mathematics (Edexcel)
    A in Chemistry (AQA)
    A in Physics (AQA)
    B in General Studies (AQA)
    C in EPQ (lol.)
    A* in Mathematics (Edexcel)
    A* in Further Mathematics (Edexcel)
    A* in Chemistry (AQA)
    A in Physics (AQA)
    Now I really hope I didn’t come across as arrogant or anything by listing my grades. That certainly wasn’t my intention but I think it’s important in the context of the blog that I included them. Or else some things in this blog probably won’t make much sense.
    Anyway, back to the present day. If it wasn’t already obvious to you already,I’m taking a gap year and reapplying to uni again. Reapplying again, you ask?Well, funny story - (it’s actually not funny at all, I don’t know why I even wrote that) - I applied to uni this past year (my A2 year) to study Chemistry,only to realise halfway through the year that I wanted to study Chemical Engineering instead. Around the same time, I had applied to do a YINI (Year in Industry) and managed to secure an industrial placement working for a year. So I decided to do a gap year, accept the placement and reapply to study Chemical Engineering in the upcoming year. On results day, I called up my uni choices and kindly declined their offers.
    Now we’re finally at my current point in life. My placement starts in September(and will finish next September) and that means I’ve got less than a week to get my life sorted out. A few days to pack up and move to the other half of the country. Luckily (ironic given my name), I have my accommodation and everything sorted for the next 12 months but getting me to pack is like trying to get a sloth to move; it ain’t gonna happen. I haven't even started yet. You can see I’m off to a great start…

    Gap Year Bucket List (This List will be Kept Updated):
    Not Completed/Started

    Keep this Blog Updated
    Start my YINI Placement
    Finish my YINI Placement
    Finish my Personal Statement
    Apply to University via UCAS:
    University of Cambridge (Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences)
    Imperial College London (Chemical Engineering with a Year Abroad)
    University of Bath (Chemical Engineering)
    University of Birmingham (Chemical Engineering (International Study))
    London Metropolitan University (Tourism and Travel Management) (cos banter)
    Apply to the National University of Singapore (Chemical Engineering)
    Interview/Entrance Exam Preparation
    Learn the Violin (Complete Beginner)
    Make Progress to Grade 8 Piano
    Learn Computing Programming in Java (Complete Beginner)
    Go on a Volunteering Project in the Summer (after my YINI)
    Try NOT to Crash my Car
    Get Fit
    Save Up for a Burberry Trench Coat
    Go On a Ski Holiday
    Get Diamond V in League of Legends (I really don’t care if I sound sad at any point in this blog)
    Visit my Friends at their Universities during Weekends (Gonna try sneak into some Fresher events)

    Next Time on Gap Years, UCAS and a (Large) Slice of Immaturity:
    This is me trying to (laughably) predict the future which always ‘gang aft a-gley' (and to all those people that say that that sentence doesn’t make sense because it translates to ‘always often goes astray’, um…k den). Well anyway, I guess it’ll be me trying to settle into a new life on the other side of the country. I’ll definitely post an update once I move in to my new house and maybe I’ll also include some of my emotional goodbyes.

    TL;DR: Um…well I kinda just met you…and this is crazy…but if I gave you my number; will you call me maybe?

    (Original post by NeverLucky)
    Tips for good grades in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry please?
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