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(Original post by DiscoPirate)

I recently got a new driving instructor and his methods on carrying out certain things has got me puzzled. The main is that, i have been taught by both my dad and old instructor that when approaching junctions/roundabouts/ traffic lights etc. That you should change down gears and be stopping in second and change to first as you stop. However my new instructor wants me to stop in the gear i'm driving eg. 4th gear and not change down, then when i've stopped change to 1st from 4th. To me that seems wrong and unsafe because shouldn't you be dropping gears to increase control?

Has anyone encounted this method of not dropping gears until stopped?

Is that an acceptable method?

Or should i say i'm not comfortable doing that and ask if i can do what i've been taught by someone else? Or will he not like that?
your new instructor is teaching the current doctrine

changing down ans you go and pre-emptive gear changes belong in the days of crash gearboxes, drum brakes and crossply tyres ....

there is a risk that you may get faults on a DSA test if you don't use the gears appropriately ( approrpaite use of gears is one of the criteria) and it will get you marked down in many other driving assessments if you DON'T block change down (i.e. what you new instructor is teaching)

there was a recent lengthy thread on this board about engine braking which involved a fair amount of discussion aobut block changing down and using the brakes to slow rather than sequential down changes and engine braking as a part of normal driving (acceleration sense has it's place for gradual slowing down, engine braking has it;s place in certain road conditions or when towing a +e trailer etc ...)
Pony Jack
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Haha, good old roundabouts..
Came upto one the other week, went to change into 2nd, managed to select 4th!
Also pulling away from a standstill in 3rd is not a good idea, no matter how many times you tell yourself you changed into 1st :p:
Then there's also the small matter of judging the distance between the nearside and the kerb on the approach, and not mounting the kerb and busting your instructors tyre! Oopsy!

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