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    For 2017 GCSE remark information please click HERE.

    I was just got my GCSE results this last week and was largely content with them apart from a select few; this wasn't for any particular reason other than I was close to the boundaries, really.

    First of, in English Language (AQA) I got an A grade (263UMS) and an A* was 270. This translates to only 2 marks in the actual exam I took, and I think, quite achievable with a remark as English is, for the most part, subjective to each marker.

    Second was Biology (OCR 21st) in which I got an A (348UMS) and an A* is 360. I'm not really too confident about remarking this one even though in the exam I would most likely get remarked, B7, the extra 12UMS I would need is only 4 marks. However this is after I originally got 45/60 in the exam, or 80UMS, and Sciences tend to have the borders for marking more clearly defined than a subject such as English.

    Last was Computing (OCR), which I got an overall B in (237UMS). An A grade equals 270UMS. I was predicted by teachers and myself for an overall A* and got an A and A* in each controlled assessment, respectively. However, I seem to have messed up completely on the final exam, receiving a C grade, or 80UMS out of 120. I would only need 2 marks in the exam to get an overall A grade and I'm pretty confident that this is possible as I don't really feel I did mess up the exam and had people agree with my answers - leading me to believe my original 32 marks out of 80 is, in a way, unjust.

    I know about the recent changes to how remarks take place and how the difficulty of having a mark increased, has also increased. I also know about the fact that my grade can go down, just as much as it can go up, but I feel that since I am in the upper boundary of each grade that I currently have, this is unlikely.

    As a reference, I don't actually want to take these subjects further, and I know it makes me seem petty, but it's more to do with the principle of 'what if I didn't ask this question?'.

    I appreciate your time reading this and hope you can advise me on which options I should take.

    Hey there
    Let's start with English. 2 marks in a subject like that, with fairly lenient mark schemes, I'd say is definately worth a shot.

    Biology however, I'm not sure. I did AQA but I'm in a similar situation (I currently stand at 3 UMS off an A in Biology). But many people are debating whether or not to do it with the sciences and mathematics in particular due to two factors: the fairly rigid, unforgiving mark schemes of these papers and the new changes making it harder for a mark to change (that's without factoring in the chances of it being a positive change!) If you're feeling lucky, go ahead but if I were you (especially with no plans to carry on with the subject), I'd leave it at the very respectable, high end A grade it's at. Luckily, my school is paying for a mark review because I'm so close, (3 UMS is like 1 mark) so I have a nice chance and won't lose any money if lady luck isn't on my side

    Now, for computing. I'm in the same boat. 237 UMS and 240 was an A. As you said it isn't many marks, and there are some questions on the paper that could be more lenient with marks (the 6 mark questions being the main ones). I got 93 UMS on the exam and I needed 96 for an A and therefore an A overall, but I'm not sure of the chances. If you've got the money to spare though, go for it.
    Sorry I can't offer much on Computing, but let me know if you hear anything
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    Thank you for replying! I agree with you and think I'll forget about Biology altogether and just push for Computing and English (especially if I get my school to pay for mine, too😄).

    Thanks again and good luck with all your remarks!

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    (Original post by Torticci)
    Thank you for replying! I agree with you and think I'll forget about Biology altogether and just push for Computing and English (especially if I get my school to pay for mine, too😄).

    Thanks again and good luck with all your remarks!

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    New regulations disallow the subjectivity of different markers to come into play with remarks. Your mark can only change if one examiner believes your answer fits into a different band. Sorry.
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