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    So I've just finished my GCSEs and I've already chosen Chemistry, Computer Science and Maths as three of my four A Levels, but I'm wondering if picking FT Maths will limit my options later down the line and if Physics would add anything to the careers I'm thinking of.

    I managed to get an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths (AQA's level 2 one) at GCSE, so I think I can cope with FT Maths, and while it'd be nice to say I did such a seemingly difficult subject, would it benefit me that much in the future? I also got an A* in both Physics part of my Additional and Further Additional Science GCSEs so I can probably handle A Level Physics too.

    I'm thinking of going down the Masters/PhD route (though I'll probably stop at Masters since my parents have both said PhDs = lecturers in general) and I think I might want to do a degree in something related to Maths, Computer Science, the normal Sciences or Natural Science.

    I don't really know what specific degree/career I want to pursue, but I know that it needs to be in business, science or computing because those three fields are the ones that interest me and that I can see larger earning potential in.

    So, to summarise:
    What are the costs/benefits of FT Maths? Does it limit my scope ot will it help me with a sciency/computery degree?
    Would Physics give me more room to maneuvure and would it actually be better for a sciency/computery degree?

    Sorry this is a bit long-winded, but I want to learn as much as I can about the advs and disadvs of both subjects before I start my A Levels on Monday.

    Doesn't natural science require physics?

    Physics will give you more flexibility. Even most maths degrees don't require you to have done further maths since a lot of places don't offer it. Neither of them are bad A levels though. If you do a maths degree then doing further maths often means you'll get a concessionary offer (A*AA to AAA or something).

    However, I think further maths is great! woo further maths! I am very bias as a maths student. Ask yourself what you enjoy since you should have an idea. GCSE results are not very indicative of how you'll do at A level. Rather, if you enjoy a subject you're much more likely to do well in it since you'll actually try at lot more.
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    (Original post by Marked Target)
    If you enjoy a subject you're much more likely to do well in it since you'll actually try at lot more.
    This is the hardest part for me - I love them all, I want to study them all, AHH
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