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I think that the pledge of aligence is simple mass scale brain washing, straight up. Teaching children to abide by the flag is not such a bad thing on its own merits, however what this does to the child is to make them subjective on all matter concerning issues which will confront anything opposing the values which America stands for
Well let's think about these values for a moment. Aren't these the same "values" that most civilized and educated societies hold in a high regard? These values would be freedom of speech and the right to pursue happiness and success in a free society-one not restricted by religion, class, race etc. (The degree of implementation of these values is not what I'm arguing for- but they are values that most people in that country hold to be ideal) What part of them do you think poses a problem? Why, in your opinion, are we not justified in opposing threats to these values?

The Pledge of Allegiance isn't actually said all that often anymore as people are recognizing it's outdated and the use of the word "God" in public schools is touchy so many schools have dropped the practice of saying it everyday. The pledge ends with "with justice and liberty for all". I wouldn't call that mindless-overly optimistic probably and impossible at worst, though it hardly deserves contempt.

(Original post by Acombfosho)
The sense I get from our media and people I know who have visited America a couple of times is that their are two types of people in America, typically of course. There are people who are clued up, who know much about many things and are able to make rational comments, and there are people who are simply unplugged, have no concept of anything outside of theire realm of existence and no comprehension of anything other than "Corporate = Good"
You could make the same claim about any country. There are some Brits who are very informed about the outside world and others who are ignorant. I'm tired of the stereotype that Americans are brainless, patriotic, corporate- loving automatons. Let's stop reciting the same bull that you heard from your friends or on TV and passing it off as a legitimized viewpoint.
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