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Getting AAA at A2 and a place at York! Watch

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    My name is Jenny, I live in the North East and I am going into Year 13 (first day tomorrow!!) to study History, Literature and my EPQ. My somewhat unusual education history will all be explained below!

    GCSE Results from 2014
    A* - Citizenship
    A - English Literature, English Language, Mathematics
    B - Geography, French, Media Studies and Drama
    C - Biology, Physics
    D - Chemistry
    I started my A-Levels in the academic year 14/15.
    I knew from early on in the year that I wasn't happy where I was, my college frankly was an absolute shambles and I was doing subjects I mostly hated due to time tabling issues. I stuck it out, finished my exams and then enrolled at a new college for 2015/16.
    2015 AS Results
    Sociology - C
    Psychology - C
    English Language - B

    2015/2016 was a much better year for me academically. I love my current college, my new subjects and have been working really hard to improve from last year. I studied History, English Literature (both new AS spec) and I carried over English Language from the year previous, and began studying that at A2.
    2016 Results
    English Language A2 - A
    English Literature AS - B
    History AS - C

    So what now?
    Tomorrow I'm starting Year 13, taking A2 History, A2 Literature and my EPQ. I'm going to be aiming for all As across the three of them.
    I also start my UCAS application tomorrow, and I am going to be applying to study English/Linguistics at York, Newcastle, QMUL and a couple of others that I am not decided on yet! I'll be updating the progress of my application below.

    History Units
    Paper 1; Breadth study with interpretations.
    Britain Transformed, 1918-1997

    Paper 2; Depth study.
    The USA, 1955-1992: conformity and challenge

    Paper 3; Themes in breadth and aspects in depth.
    Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors

    I don't know yet!
    Literature Units
    Poetry Exam
    Keats collection and the Poems of the Decade anthology.

    Drama Exam
    Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Shakespeare's Othello.

    Prose Exam
    Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

    Brave New World and The Waste Land.

    My UCAS Application
    University - Course - Grade Requirements - Status of Application

    York - English/Linguistics - AAB - Yet to apply
    Newcastle - English Language and Literature - AAB - Yet to apply
    QMUL - English Literature and Linguistics - ABB - Yet to apply
    Edinburgh - English Language and Literature - ABB - Yet to apply

    By October half term
    • Up my grade in History so my new teacher predicts me an A
    • Get my History coursework, Literature coursework and EPQ as finished as I possibly can at the highest grade.
    • Get my UCAS application sent off
    Long term
    • Get an offer from York
    • Get AAA next year!
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    Update: 01/09/2016

    Officially renrolled in college today! My timetable is not what I expected at all, as they have completely changed when my classes are/for how long, but at least it gives me a lot of time in between to sit and revise in the library.

    Today I started by organising my History file as I am starting from scratch by creating new notes on the topics I did last year. It is currently all colour coordinated, separated into different dividers per topic in each module, then those are split further into sections within that topic. (Picture below!)
    Once I have both my Literature and History files organised I'm going to get started on my notes! The plan is to do detailed notes, then condense using flash cards/essay plans/mind maps.

    Teaching officially starts on Tuesday, by then I want to have all my files organised and start making more detailed notes on my EPQ topic. I'm going to be looking at themes of feminism in mid 20th century women's literature.
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    Update: 21/09/16

    Terrible at remembering to update this, but I have been back at college for two weeks or so now.

    So far, it's clear I won't get my UCAS application sent in by October half term. In class we haven't officially started them yet. I managed to set up my UCAS account last week after getting the buzzword from my tutor but the chances of me getting my references by then is slim.

    However I am doing my bit, I have done all I can do and my personal statement is the best it can be at the moment, so I'm getting my tutors to look it over tomorrow.

    As for my history grade, I got our first assignment back today on a B grade which I am happy with. Good progress for the A I would like, but a B minimum is what I need anyway.
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