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Hi, I'm currently starting my 3rd and final year of my undergrad course. I applied for a higher maintenance loan and grant this year as well as the previous two years.
I am studying full time and my living situation is at home with parents who earn under £20,000 which has not changed.
After submitting my application, I noticed that my maintenance loan had decreased a lot so I called up SFE. I was told that the amount of maintenance loan decreases in the final year as the summer is not covered which WAS fine, but they also said that I have been overpaid the past two years as the system has me down as living away from home in London, and I will need to repay the overpayments.
I have filled in this application 3 times now and I always put down living at home and they have previously given me the high amount but this time they're telling me that "the system says I have been living away from home for the past 2 years and since this time I am living at home, the loan has been reduced".
They are sending me forms for change of circumstance to show that I have been living at home. I'm not sure what to do as I definitely did not put down living away and am going to be asked make repayments when I am not in a financial condition to do so.
Brian SFE
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Hi there.

When applying you would have been asked where your living location was, whether this was home or elsewhere. You can normally change this by doing so online or sending in a 'Change of Circumstances' form, so it's unusual that this would have been changed by anyone else.

What normally happens with an overpayment for continuing students, is that your new entitlement for your latest year will be reduced to balance this out, meaning you don't have to physically pay anything back from your own pocket.

If you feel you'll be unable to study with the reduction you can write to our 'Discretionary Payments' team and request the overpayment be deferred which means you would not have to deal with it until your course is complete.

You would need to send evidence such as your last 3 months bank statements to show your financial status as well as any evidence of obligations you have such as utility bills, phone bills, etc.

Their details are:

E-mail - [email protected]

Address - Discretionary Payments team,
Student Finance England
Memphis Building
Lingfield Point
PO Box 120
DL1 1AS.


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