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Do you take it personally when you are rejected from many jobs? watch

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    I've got the impression that employers personally don't like me, I've been applying for jobs for many years now, only had 2 since I left school at 16, now i'm 22, I've always thought people didn't really like me, hence why at school I was given a hard time by many, even some teachers were in on the bullying, I think it's mostly because I was quiet, which is what I'm overcoming.

    My first time I got a job after school it was through a friend, and the boss felt sorry for me that I used to be in care, I miss working for him. Then last year I got a job temporarily at P&G but got sacked as I didn't realize I was bleeding all over the products, it was a health and safety issue so they got rid of me, but there was no interview, just an induction, guaranteed job.

    I don't actually show my bad attitude at interviews and have a double personality, online i'm grumpy and aggressive, in real life i'm calm, friendly and a bit shy, less so now with age. I know i'm not an ugly person as on dating websites many people say I'm very handsome, but at interviews it's like the interviewer never really cares what i'm about, they don't like me.

    I haven't really applied for any unskilled jobs in a while since I've been trying to get a web developer job and pursuing a career in electrical engineering. Maybe I was going wrong in the past, but even now this week after applying for electrical technicians I get next to no responses, for web developer jobs I've had much more interviews but nobody just took me on. I just think I've never got a job from an interview, so I take it personally. Many of my school friends never respected me, would even talk badly about me to my face and behind my back, they moved on quick and I knew they don't care about me.

    But i think this is the case with most people, most people I just don't like, I don't dislike the employer just from meeting them, maybe they just think i'm too emotionally aloof to be employed, I always thought that was trivial and people's personalities at interviews were fake, competence is way more important to me, I don't think they really care about that though.

    I have the personality type INTP, but not really nerdy, I just think many people get the impression that I'm a loser or whatever, even my foster parents look down on me as a loser I think, friends do, everyone IMO, people think i'm handsome, but generally find that once I talk to many people online they seem less interested than originally before talking, even though I did talk.

    I think ultimately that's what it's down to, I could of been going wrong somewhere huge, like I always used to apply for jobs I was not at all qualified for like "electrical engineer" or "electrical design engineer" when I have a HNC. Even when I was at college, I knew people a few that got jobs as electricians, I had been applying for ages, never got anything, I have countless letters to prove that. I'd say being introverted of lack of experience, few people give a damn about or respect me so it makes sense that employers don't either.

    For my self esteem and confidence I have to rely on myself, but to destroy it, well that's where other people come in.
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