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    I will make this long story short.
    My boyfriend of ten months rang me whist he's at school. We are in a long distance relationship. He rang and his friends were there he wasn't himself he sounded different his friends made me feel super uncomfortable One was like are you real? In a weird laughing voice my boyfriend laughed and everyone else did I didn't. Then he was like are you shy in a weird voice my boyfriend laughed. I hung up and he's like why did you hang up I didn't say why. Do you think am right to be upset over this I have social anixety and he knows I does I thought he would of been like cut it out kinda deal. Am I being over the top?

    There's no reason as to why he acted so immature but the fact that he was with the lads and that's the stupid stuff they get up to. You ain't wrong to be mad

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    I'm gonna say something different to what most will probably say to you now:

    It was kind of a big deal for him. He was introducing you to his friends for the first time.
    He's probably getting teased a bit from friends about being in a LDR (as most teen boys would), and you hanging up won't help him.
    You could have made a bit more of an effort to be cool so don't be too hard on him now.

    Tell your boy to man-up and stop acting silly in front of the LADS.

    Nothing wrong with hanging up in that situation, doing so can still be in good humour. But yes, it's very immature of him and suggests he's trying a bit too hard to fit in (at your expense in this case).

    You could try the "You're a lot less attractive when you change to impress other guys" line-of-argument if you found it really offputting.

    You're over reacting. He's allowed to have a joke and laugh with his friends, they didn't know you have social anxiety and probably thought you'd join in and laugh with them.
    Find bigger things to worry about in your relationship
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