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what do you do when you're a complete nobody?? Watch

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    I've always felt like a nobody and so very useless
    yes i have had counselling for this for several years and there isn't much change
    this is just something i have to live with
    but its not just something i feel. for real i am a nobody and have always been treated like one. i've never had a normal life. never had the steady family, the love and support. never had hundreds of friends. never got good results. never had a boyfriend. never had a job. never even been invited to a party!

    now i'm facing the prospect of growing older and staying the same. i even face the prospect of moving out and having to live alone all by myself forever

    if this is what my future is going to be then i really don't see any point in sticking around
    no this is not a suicide note, i have contemplated it many times but i am just asking right now

    how does a nobody change themselves into a somebody when they've always been a loser and always treated like one??

    can you give me bucket list ideas please. do you think marriage will help me? having kids? making friends? travelling?? what works in this life?

    You need to stop seeing yourself as a loser, you arent a loser. You arent a nobody. Honestly you dont need hundres of friends a few friends is enough, if you are really lonely then get a dog that will help until you make friends

    Never been invited to a party? Thats normal. People say im a cool person who is popular but I have never been invited to a party , people wont invite you because they are just ***** and parties are overrated anyway.

    Never got good results? Cmon man, did you work hard? Nothing comes easy bro

    You need to focus on getting a job first that way you will get friends, so maybe go back to education? Find what your strengths are and apply them. Also go to the gym or join a club? You can make friends that way

    So here is your bucketlist yeah

    Get a dog
    Get a job
    Join the gym/sports club
    Read books
    Believe in yourself dont compare yourself to others
    Just start doing things its all up to you

    We are all going to make it one day

    EDIT: Also realise that there is somebody out there who is old or dieing who is beggjng to be in your position. So make the most out of what you have and stop beating yourself up

    A bit like you OP; grew up in a hostile environment so never had the best support, friendships etc. It didn't really change until a year ago.

    Persistence is key. Also, doing stuff that you enjoy and that gives you a better footing in life is much more beneficial (and likely to reap rewards) than wallowing in pity. Be proactive, go out and enjoy the world as difficult as it can be, and you'll soon feel a bit better.

    The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem < Go read it!

    You're not a nobody. nobody is (is that an oxymoron? lol)

    you're a somebody, you have to just keep telling yourself that everyday!

    You MUST change your mentality.

    What have you done or achieved to become a somebody? Nothing.

    It doesn't just come to you. You have to actively try and achieve something to be recognised.
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Updated: September 1, 2016
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