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    To say the least I've kind of been all over the place since A Levels
    I initially applied for VetMed, having gathered around 11 or so weeks worth of work experience, got two interviews and sadly ended up with 5 rejects. The whole process was incredibly stressful, and I ended up with BBCbc anyway so I decided this route wasn't actually the best match for me. Even if I did resit, I knew I'd end up being a drop out from the academic stress Vet school would provide. So I convinced myself becoming a Chemistry teacher would be better suited - just because I enjoyed the subject at A Level? -.- Started this degree at Reading for 7 months, dropped out as it was just so boring aha. Had zero drive to try to learn any of the content.
    So I then tried to think about my routes, my old passions, something I'd actually enjoy. Having been very artistic since I was young, and I continued my hobby throughout the years, I thought an Art degree would be an investment into improving my technical ability and providing time to find work experience and build a rep. So I got into University through clearing, and started a Painting and Drawing course. And I am happy, pretty stress free, but not passionate about the subject. I did a residency at a Zoo, drawing their animals from life, using photographs as resources for paintings.
    But I don't want to settle. Whenever I am at a zoo, farm, some form of animal interaction (more with wildlife apposed to domestic), I kind of feel 'lit up'? Genuinely happy. If I enjoyed art this much, I wouldn't keep procrastinating, never making time to sit down and paint or draw.
    So I've started thinking - maybe a Zoo Keeper? I'd deal with the crap pay, as happiness > money.
    I know you can become one without a degree, just with a whole load of experience. However you'd still be lacking academic knowledge, which I enjoy learning, I still love science, but I still hate exams.
    So is it worth applying through clearing again for Zoology? I would only have funding for 2 out of 3 years. However I've looked into private student funding, from Future Finance. And having a part time job, repaying around £50 a month isn't too bad to secure a happy future.

    Super long, I know sorry!
    I just want to be happy, to make a difference and be proud of the life I'm living.

    Just apply through clearing and see how it goes. Worth a shot

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    Sounds like you're just going from one thing to another, and wasting a lot of money while you're at it. I would stop, take a year out, work full time/part time (to earn money for the year you need to fund yourself) and try to get a part-time job or work experience in a zoo to actually see if it is something you want to do. Then you can apply properly, not just through clearing, with better research into the unversities and the specific modules and courses that they offer to see if they suit you, rather than choosing from a small pool of universities and courses this year.
Do you agree with the PM's proposal to cut tuition fees for some courses?
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