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    (Original post by chantellep)
    i'm planning on getting absolutely trolleyed during freshers week. i can drink all the vodka and cocktails i want and not get a hangover. i'll be the girl everyone stares at and thinks 'it's time to go hme, love.'

    lol! I know exactly what you mean, my friends all call be the 'sensible' one, but I just don't get drunk very easily and no matter how much I drink a hangover never shows up the next moring...freshers is going to be very messy indeed!

    My personal favourite, that now goes down with the same effect as water, is SoCO and lemonade with a bit of lime, although for the summer I am getting into Kopparbergs variety of ciders, the blackcurrent one is lush!

    Although for someone wanting a night without massive drunkeness, I agree with just sticking with breezers, WKD ect

    I personally find Breezers & co a waste of money. If you don't want to get drunk, drink lemonade which costs half the amount Breezers do. If you want to get a little tipsy, get e.g. a vodka+coke, followed by a 'coke+coke' :p:

    (Original post by Rokit)
    I am a terrible light weight when it comes to other kinds of alcohol

    but I find Baileys a very easy drink. You could try it
    I do too, but I could easily drink tons of the stuff. It doesn't make me dizzy before I'm tipsy and dosen't make me sad. I've found wine makes me sad, champange makes me dizzy (even just a glass) before I'm tipsy but Baileys is good. Anyone know mixers to go with it?
    I hate coke.

    Oh and Vodka if you mix Bicardi rum and Irn-bru the alchol taste seems to cancel out and just tastes like a bit funny Irn-bru. But I'm still not a fan of fizzy drinks.
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