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I'm supposed to be starting an EPQ soon and I'm struggling to think of ideas... I want it to be history related or possibly history and geography, but other than that I'm not sure. Most of the things I'm interested in I've already studied or will be studying for A-Level which rules them out, including Hitler's rise to power, Nazi Germany, History of medicine, Spanish history, the Cold War and the Renaissance in Europe. Other than those topics it can be anything, but I am interested in American history or possibly something to do with a dictator.

I'm looking to get an A* so I want a really original idea - if anyone could give me any ideas or just tell me about their EPQ it would be greatly appreciated, even if it's completely different!
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Well, if you're interested in dictators+Cold War, the rise of Lenin is fascinating, especially in how the Tsar fell and you haven't studied that, have you? You could look into the psyche of dictators, focusing on one in particular and then explore how these contrast with others. Or you could do how the geography of Russia impacted it's Civil War, which is a combination of a lot of what you said you wanted to do.

America wise, it's hard to be super original but it doesn't need to be original to get a good grade! It's actually harder because of lack of information.

But please please please do something you're interested in!!! Otherwise you'll hate yourself.

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