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    I am currently on a level 2 business admin apprenticeship and to say I hate it is an understatement. I quit my part time job after I had finished college and decided to find an apprenticeship in an office and I've now been working there for three months. It's a very small company and there were things that annoyed me from the moment I first started, for instance they advertised a higher wage than they were actually providing which upon meeting the boss I fully believe he purposely did this just to entice people to apply and that it was no mistake. It's £500 a month to work 9-5.30 every weekday and they also didn't mention until I got the job that there would be Saturday work (unpaid but paid back in time in lieu which I have overheard the boss saying he needs to discontinue giving time in lieu- (so you want free Saturday workers then and they get nothing in return?!)
    No biggie but they were a couple of bad signs before I even started.
    So I've actually started and come to realise that they do not want an apprentice to learn and develop but instead they want an apprentice that they don't have to pay big wages too because they just need someone to cover another member of staff on maternity and an apprentice is the cheaper option for them. The staff member has not yet gone on to her maternity, I have been here for around three months and she doesn't go away for another month. So whilst I have been here I have been so bored and down about sitting in the office all day 9-5 when I could be doing something I'm way more passionate about. I feel
    There is not enough work load for me,
    I don't even have my own desk or computer so I have to wait until someone is off sick/on holiday before I can even do and proper work!! If no one is off sick and no computers spare then there is a crappy laptop that I can't really do much on that I sit at and try to find something pointless to do. I try my hardest not to sit there doing nothing and I try to spread out any jobs I have to do so that they fill the day. Even when I manage to get on one of the proper desks and computers I still feel as though the work load is pretty minimal and I find myself dreading every day wondering and panicking about what I can do after I've finished the task I'm currently on because sometimes there is nothing to do at all and I literally sit there staring at a blank screen for hours. If I ask for jobs no one has one for me because they themselves don't have much to do so whatever jobs are going someone is already completing them. On the odd day it's pretty busy and I'm able to do some proper work like answering phones and taking bookings which I do enjoy but those days are very rare. Even when this staff member goes on maternity and I sit at her desk and take her place I feel it will still be the same struggle to cope all day with not much work load. She's been off sick or on holiday a few times so I have sat in for her and experienced what it would be like covering for her when she's gone and I still found myself wondering what to do and filling my time with pointless jobs. I cannot stick it out for a whole year and the boss is just completely oblivious. He and his wife work together and as a lovely as they are they always come in late, sometimes hours late and some days they randomly won't come in and won't inform anyone, they go off to 'meetings' randomly most days which is code for meals and shopping, they leave me and another member of staff who is not very experienced in the office (which they know and have commented on themselves) on occasions so they can go and have a nice meal out but I would then have to deal with everyone's work load because they leave early and it usually gets abit busier in afternoons so I'm often left stressed making sure I've done everything whilst the inexperienced person lazily sits around. I'm just sick of it, it feels like I'm just a slave and I get paid peanuts but I feel like I'm going crazy sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day trying to fill the time. I want to go back to college in two weeks time to do an access for nursing course but I need to enrol for the course, find myself a job to support myself in college and apply for a government loan and I only have two weeks to do so before the course starts. So I would
    Like to quit. Not walk out quit but inform them through email that I would no longer be returning. I have had jobs before so I know this wouldn't be acceptable in a normal paying
    Job as there are notices but as an apprentice is it acceptable to tell them I won't be returning to work the next day through email? (It's Sunday today and I'm hoping to not return tommorow) or is there notice you have to give as an apprentice? I can't see them wanting notice from me as if I'm not staying I wouldn't be any use to them and there is plenty of staff to cover the work load until they find a replacement apprentice. But is notice required as an apprentice? Please help!!

    Check your contract, you will have a minimum notice period.
    Also, check your salary, from the sounds of things, they're underpaying you.
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