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depression, always seemed like the ocean to me Watch

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    I know what you're thinking, but, just hear me out on this, It's like that moment when you're a kid and you first realize just how powerful it is. You step in, and the water's calm, and you hold it in your hand, but it just slips through your fingers. And you think: well, how strong could it actually be? Feeling bold, you wander out into the abyss. And by the time you turn around, everyone you left on shore seems too far away to help. That's when it hits, this wave, this massive current that pulls you in and pushes you down, holds you there, pinned beneath something so strong. It's like... something you can't control.

    All you can do is hold on and fight, but then the more you fight, the more weary you get and your lungs burn and your throat... throbs, so you... just let it overtake you. You feel this... force, seemingly benign, but it... can consume and destroy you. It's the thing inside me, strong in ways that nobody can see or comprehend. This dark undertow that I'm powerless to stop. how do i stop this, before it stops me?

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    I have to say, I do love this simile and it's so clever how you've related depression to the ocean.
    I'd think that it may be for the best if you stop fighting it. Instead you can try accepting it and move on, as much as that's a lot easier said than done.

    When you're in a situation that appears to be out of your control, it's nice to have other people to talk to - they are what can bring you to safety. If you're interested in having a therapist, that could be an idea, as you can speak to them regularly.
    If not, then maybe people online? I appreciate that you said there's the feeling of distance from everyone else so I assume you wouldn't feel comfortable talking about this to anyone atm? I've found that speaking to people on here is just as effective as it may have been speaking to people irl. Just make sure you're comfortable with it. That said, if you are nervous, you have every right to be - you're about to trust someone with something so personal to you. But there are lots of lovely people on here would would be more than willing to help and offer support.

    Exercise releases hormones in your body which ultimately make you feel happier. If you feel like you need to take a stand against it, this is quite a good idea. Not only does it benefit you mentally, but physically too.

    One of the most important part, I find, is doing what you love. Whether this would be spending time with loved ones, listening to music, treating yourself to your favourite meal...whatever it is that makes you happy, large or small, just make sure you get the opportunity to do it.
    Remember you're not alone in this, as distant as other people may seem. Feel free to quote me if you'd like to ask anything else, or alternatively you can PM
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