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    So with me starting uni properly for the first time, I felt it might be a bit of additional motivation for me to keep a record of the day to day life and keep my results updated. In my previous years of education, I've never really kept records of anything and this time I'm going the whole 9 yards. Study records, keeping track of everything I do in class...and this, I guess we'll call it a "life journal" (urgh that name is atrocious).

    So, without further adieu, we begin:-

    The Journey So Far...
    As of writing this, I'm 24 years old and entering university in first year. I'm not going to say which university I'm at, but the subject I am studying is Computer Games Development at what isn't considered a "great uni".

    Previous to this, I lived in Ireland for 13 years. In school, I never really cared about anything other than smoking weed, failing to pull girls at junior discos and playing PS2. My results previously, which will be posted below, never positively reflected me academically. I'll give some reasons (excuses) for that later.

    I attended university in Ireland in 2009 as a 17 year old. I decided to do Software Development as a result of an online aptitude website telling me to do multimedia, being a fast typer and decided I should go to uni cause everyone else is with like 1 month to go.

    I got denied my grant on the grounds that my folks earned too much, and after one fun enough year, I had to drop out. From there, it was 3 years of paid courses and being on the dole until I was eligible for a scheme called Back to Education Allowance. After getting on this, I went to a Level 5 / Level 6 (one under uni) course for two years in Computer Games development. I missed out a year following these due to grant issues, and ultimately decided I'd pay my own way through college.

    I applied to two universities in a new country; one good, one not so good. I felt, doing two years of Games Dev with great results, I'd easily qualify into anything. My lecturer even told me not to try year 1 because I'd be overqualified (which I dismissed). However, the uni told me that the maths test I had done in my Irish Leaving Cert when I was just past 16 didn't achieve a high enough grade. A 7 year old test kept me out of it,
    So anyways, that's the jist of the auld backstory. After some hellish years, and probably some 16 year old who won't listen for a single day will have taken my place, urgh.

    Now, I'm working in a part time job which I HATE for £6.70 an hour to pay my annoyingly high rent, will be attending full time university and honestly, I've not really been happier.

    It's been a long road to get to this point, all with the end goal of returning to uni, I'm here...I've made it. I only have one goal from this point on; straight As.

    In school, I never really cared. I never felt that any of it was relevant, I was never engaged, I felt no need to ever come first in the class and above all; I never studied a day in my life.

    In hindsight, school was a bit stupid. Things like having an English exam on a book, and not being allowed to bring the book in. Why do I need to memorise the page number and exact quote stated by Banquo? Why do I have to remember the spelling of the foreign named author who wrote Cinema Paradiso (a film in Italian, good choice English teacher). Most of these things seemed more about playing a memory game than actually teaching you. And don't even get me started on "Here's the reasons you should give as to why you liked the book?". What if I don't like the book? I swear I could absolutely smash an English exam now and it has absolutely nothing to do with what I was taught in class.

    So alas, my results flopped. I was really good at maths. We'd do monthly exams, I'd get straight As. Then came the important exam, which of course I never studied for, and boom...C.

    After my few years out of education, I went back to college and really struggled to connect. This wasn't helped by the 3 hour breaks interjecting between two long two hour classes, of which I'd make a decision to attend the early or late one.

    By second year, I was more focused and realized I was great at what I was . Once I was able to add a competitive streak, attend every class and focus properly, I found it much easier.

    Even still, I didn't put my all into it. My thing is I'm fairly naturally adept at computers, software, games dev etc. I sometimes look around a class, see someone working their arse off, and then they get a C. I barely did the work and got an A. Before, I coasted on this. Now my mentality is "If I can do great without trying, how good can I be if I put 100% into it?". Games Development isn't just about results. You end up with a portfolio at the end of it, and I'm determined that mine will be something higher than the standard they've ever seen before.
    Past Results
    Irish Junior Certificate - 15 Years Old
    English - Higher Level - C
    Maths - Ordinary Level - C
    History - Ordinary Level - D
    Geography - Higher Level - C
    Religion - Ordinary Level - C
    Art - Ordinary Level - C
    Woodwork - Ordinary Level - C
    German - Ordinary Level - C
    CSPE - N/A - C
    SPHE - N/A - C

    Irish Leaving Certificate - 17 Years Old
    English - Higher Level - D
    Maths - Ordinary Level - C
    Art - Ordinary Level - B
    Woodwork - Higher Level - C
    Home Economics - Ordinary Level - C
    Geography - Higher Level - C

    Games Design Level 5 - 22 Years Old
    3D Modelling - Merit
    Animation - Merit
    Animation Drawing Studies - Merit
    Communications - Distinction
    Design Skills - Distinction
    Computer Games Analysis - Distinction
    Image Processing - Distinction
    Web Authoring - Merit

    Games Development Level 6 - 23 Years Old
    3D Modelling - Distinction
    Graphics And Animation - Distinction
    Computer Graphics - Distinction
    Design Skills - Distinction
    Programming Language - Distinction
    Multimedia Project Development - Distinction
    Multimedia Sound - Distinction
    Multimedia Technology - Distinction
    I'll probably post up both my initial thoughts and my induction day blogs sometime tonight but I'll just add a section for it below.

    Blog Entries
    Week 1 - The Beginning of the Tale - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...12&postcount=0
    Week 4 - All Fun And No Work Makes Jack Fail **** - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...74&postcount=0

    Part of the blog is to kind of show that someone who never did great in school can still go on and absolutely smash it with the determination. If I fail out now then this blog makes me look like shite so this is additional motivation!
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    Week 1
    Sunday, September 4th 2016
    The Beginning of the Tale
    Right now I'm alone in my minuscule "house" writing into a notepad because my laptop keyboard is against my life progression. You'll of course read this via typing, but to get my actual current ponderings, I felt I should do this before I start uni tomorrow. As unneeded proof:-
    Anyways, until now my "mental college life" has consisted of one lone wolf pub crawl, five days of work, five microwave dinners and a room filled with ungodly heat. Seriously, I could bring a man actively on fire in here and he'd say "**** sake it's roasting in here".

    Outside of these facts, some minor pleasantries with a surprisingly scarce population of fellow sauna stayers has been everything. I told myself I'd get involved in all that nonsense I typically find awkward (yet the rest of the world seems to enjoy), but I already missed "pizza and induction night" in the accommodation. Damn my social skills!

    I have grown however. I realized I just rehash all of my life events into texts to my "home bestie", as if my real life is just a movie that is designed for me to pick up small anecdotes to use as future jokes (which is completely unlike a blog, right?....RIGHT?). I'm weird. Anyways, induction at 10am tomorrow and I have dinner and Narcos Season 2 to get through. Bye.
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    Week 4
    Friday, September 30th 2016
    All Fun And No Play Makes Jack Fail ****
    So I literally only uploaded the first blog before this, I believe that should tell you a little bit about how on top of things I am. I originally intended on uploading a little bit more frequently, but I guess we'll be going for once a month because of reasons. I'll kind of break things up into categories for this one since I have a fair bit to get through.

    (I'm not smart enough to understand Mr Robot Season 2)
    Social Life
    So while I'm very socially awkward at the best of times, I also fking love drinking. So a goal upon coming here was to meet people that I could go on a night out with. After a while talking to people in the kitchen, feeling like a robot pretending to be a normal human, eventually a girl suggested we arrange a night out. She invited a friend over, a guy from the kitchen ended up joining and we played a few drinking games and had a night out. Phew, got a few people, sorted. We made a small facebook group after to arrange future nights out and stuff.

    Fast forward four weeks, there are 30 people in that group. Huh? I'm pretty sure that's more than most of the societies. We've been to several parties now, once every week, and most of them are getting more mental than the last. It's good fun though and it's a relief to have that side of things sorted out early into the year. In my last courses, I didn't talk to anyone for the entirety of first year and only made friends with people a year later. Then one of the two friends I made felt it was socially acceptable to invite himself to my house at 5am to watch Mayweather Vs Pacquiao even though he'd never watched a boxing match in his life. Way to follow social convention buddy!

    (This perfectly represents alcohol plus work Vs studies)
    University Life
    Well, if you saw some big happy text in social life, you could have easily assumed which section would have taken a hit. Firstly, an update on the actual course...it's ridiculous. It could be ridiculous in that they've given us the hardest possible stuff....I wish. It's insanely easy, and the four modules a week with times of 9am to 1pm is lunacy compared to my previous two years in the field. While I feel that everything will be an absolute breeze, that doesn't mean I'm on top of it.

    A combination of drinking and working has absolutely smashed my sleeping pattern which has made it pretty difficult to stay on top of the work. We haven't really got any proper assignments yet, and I think as soon as I finish this I'll be able to catch up to all the work in an hour or two, but at the same time I haven't turned up to the majority of the classes.

    At the start of the year, I envisioned having a fantastic set up with my hardback books, different coloured headlines and sticky notes all over the pages. I have none of this yet. Just two lineless notepads with scribbles all over them. My goal for next week is to get all of that **** sorted out and use my time at home more efficiently. I am still confident I can get straight As, I just have to make sure I am turning up to class and putting in all the extra work I can at home.

    (Lol, as if I'm actually going to work overtime)
    Working Life
    Work sucks....I KNOW. Finally Blink 182, I get where you're coming from. Although I'm a year older than "What's My Age Again?" discusses which is pretty terrifying.

    But yeah, I hate every single second of my ridiculously low paying job. I applied for a tonne of jobs yesterday as my contract runs out at the end of October, but still though, this job is absolutely terrible. On Sunday morning I got a text from my brother at 5am when I woke up. It asked if I was watching UFC (my typical weekend treat). I said no and that I was up for work. My brother said "Sucks. I'm drunk". I replied "I'm about to walk in the rain for half an hour, work in a job I hate for 8 and a half hours and then leave with £50 at the end of the day". It was then I realized just how much I missed the simple life of welfare.

    But yeah. Begging I sort a new job in the next month cause I can't stand this one. One thing that's annoying me. I have £500 in my bank, about to pay £425 for October's rent. I'm thinking "£500 in the bank? Why the hell didn't I work all those years when I stayed with my mum rent free. I'd have fking loved £500". Seems that the only time I've got money...I need to spend the ****.

    (Now I legitimately want to watch The Simpsons instead of study)
    General Life
    I'm terrible at life. I never used to think I was, but it's been absolutely confirmed since I moved here. Bare in mind, I'm about 5 years older than everyone else on average I'm comparing myself to as well.

    So first, we've got food. What do I eat? If it doesn't go in the microwave, fk that ****. What do the people I live with eat? Massive multiple course feasts with all sorts of fresh ingredients. What the hell? You're in fking uni. I find it a stretch to buy some Babybells and you're there buying whatever coriander is? How can you even be bothered spending 20 minutes cooking that ****? You could be sitting about doing nothing with that time.

    Next up, the rooms. So I've been to other people's rooms. They have decorations, furniture, ornaments, TVs, custom build PCs and above all they are pretty damn spotless. My room? I don't have a sheet, I have to swim through empty beer cans to get to anything, I'm pretty sure my toilet might be broken in some capacity and the closest thing to furniture I have is a lava lamp I bought a few weeks ago. How are these people that in control of their lives?

    By now I intended to have kept up my martial arts and found a new class, be training all the time, eating pretty well, have a pretty solid looking room that reflected my personality. Instead...actually wait empty beer cans. everything is a mess and no distinguishing features of emotion? Yeah this room actually pretty much describes me down to a tee.
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    Week Something
    Monday, February 2017
    Lol No
    So the short hand is; I quit uni already. There was some laziness in there, sure, I won't deny it. But god damn was my course bad. Combined, all 3 of my games development lecturers probably couldn't tell me what the most recent GTA game number was. They knew absolutely nothing. For my final games class assignment, I was tasked with submitting an environment for a game. I loved this. I'm good with the software and had some really good plans. Unfortunately my laptop broke so I was using the university computers. All of them blocked every single download. In this software, you have to download objects/items (or static meshes) as well as textures and everything else to really do anything that wasn't lighting and geometry. So the university's facilities didn't work, and unless I had a high level home computer that runs an incredibly demanding piece of software, I couldn't complete the assignment. I'd have uploaded something, but then I read that the lecturer only wanted a video of the level, not the level file. This is as he knows nothing of the software, of bug testing, of anything. I wouldn't have to code in a cut scene or lock my movements to a certain direction, I could just look at things myself and video it, pretending it's a cutscene. That's not how games are made.

    Anyways, so yeah. I'll probably pick up a maths course and try and get into a better uni in the future. I'm also going to broaden my course as picking "games development" appears to be locking out many pivotal aspects of computing and coding.

    As for life, I'm still not training (although have been intending on doing a great martial arts class I've found for a few weeks) and I'm still barely eating; but I'm doing pretty good. Work's so much better than it was. I got a new job after the previous one and it's sooooo much more relaxed. Don't mind it at all. Helps that I'm going out with someone there now as well.

    Anyways, yeah. The reason I made this thread was because we went through a lot of stuff in my last course about blogging, and how it can be a very useful tool when it comes to study and progress. I thought I would give it a go. I'm really, REALLY not the type of person who does sht like this. So I tried, but it all fell apart anyways.

    So, in short, I quit. Bye forever thread.
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