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    I'm starting year 11 and wanna start revising early but I can't motivate myself !!!

    Good on you!!
    What worked for me was making a timetable and getting in the zone.
    Give yourself breaks to catch up with other stuff that you enjoy so that you will not waste time procrastinating during revision like I do all the time...still :lol:

    Also, think about why you're revising and your goals for the future

    Best of luck!! xox

    I hope i made sense :rofl:

    Find a friend that will always remind you about your revising and why is it important for you. Though my friend used another tactic. She told me every morning where I will be without revising and all of my future options were pretty tragic :albertein:

    Just start working, and aim to do 5 minutes at a time. You'll naturally do more, especially if you enjoy some of what you do. Or watch revision videos. That doesn't take much effort.

    Oh god, you're already doing better than me at revising in Year 11.

    Have a weekly timetable and allot time after school for each of your subjects. Make summary notes off of your exercise books, and make flashcards with the definitions of key words. Use Quizlet as well, it helps. Try practiss papers to learn what the examiners are looking for too, and keep channels of communication between teachers and yourself open - they can help you if you need it, but will assume you don't need it if you're being quiet!

    You never 'get in the mood' to revise, I tried that and the mood for me happened a week before exams. it's better to schedule.

    Good luck, and GCSEs are not as hard as some people say. You'll do great!

    Also, if you revise for an hour, make sure to have 15 mins of break. You need to get the balance between work and sleep/rest/relaxation right or else you won't learn.

    If you've just started year 11, please do small chunks until around March/April time. You'll just get so bored of the same routine that when it comes to exams, you'll have no energy and motivation to revise.

    30 - 60 minutes a day, that's all. Make a timetable to devise your time effectively. So for example, if you're excellent at maths but awful at English Lit, dedicate more time to English Lit.

    Mocks... meh. Teachers said that the grade you get in your mock is what you will get for your final grade. Biggest load of bs I've heard in my life. Stick to your revision though during this time. However, they are actually quite useful to identify what you need to focus on so don't completely brush them off.

    Towards Easter, start to up your revision a lot more. Utilise ALL holiday time you have but also remember to relax, have fun and socialise. You'll feel depressed and less motivated, stunting your studies. Just don't get too drunk! :beer:
    To get in the mood of revising, just sit down and do it! I sound ignorant but there's no better way to revise. If you're not feeling like revising today then you need to push yourself and say "Tough sh*t."

    It will pay off, don't worry. Start worrying when you get to sixth form :cry:
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