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Key Messages regarding Apprenticeships:
  • Not all A’ level entrants will go straight onto a higher apprenticeship, some job roles will require people to undertake an intermediate or an advanced, eg. Engineering normally due to PMO being a requirement, all engineering entrants undertake an intermediate before progressing. The route to a career might have a different path to simply starting on a higher
  • Entry requirements for apprenticeships will depend on the employer, and therefore may vary vacancy to vacancy. The employer will also be looking not just for academic qualifications but also the other skills that you are able to demonstrate
  • Make sure you spend a lot of time completing your application, remember they are job applications and as important as your UCAS application.
  • Remember for a higher or degree apprenticeship,you as a learner will not have to undertake a loan, the cost of the programme is paid for by your employer and the government.
  • You will be earning a salary as well as getting on the job experience
  • Some of the high profile employers that have advertised and recruited higher apprentices so far include: Cap Gemini,Unilever, CGI, BAE Systems, William Hill, BBC, Sky, BT Group, Experian, Airbus,Jaguar Landrover, Lafarge, Ford, Visa, Atkins, Atos Origin, Glaxo SmithKline,AXA, Neilson and Siemens to name a few
  • Many companies are now operating apprenticeship intakes alongside their traditional graduate intakes, and they are providing very positive feedback. Many companies are moving away from their traditional graduate routes, to increase their apprenticeship uptake.
  • Apprentices are frequently turning down full time offers at “Top 20 Universities” - to accept a Higher Apprenticeship
  • The expansion of Higher Apprenticeships is improving diversity in many companies - encouraging females into engineering – the apprenticeship routes are increasing the number of female apprentices
  • Apprenticeships frequently enable learners the chance to see other areas of the business through our placements enabling people to see different opportunities there are in the wider business. Some Companies enable their higher apprentices to travel to other places around the world as part of their programme, for example India and USA. These are things which many university students do not get the chance to do
  • Many apprentices are based with top brand companies,and hold a permanent contract giving job security, the learning provider frequently delivers the learning on site and all apprentices are provided with paid time off to attend their study.
  • A main benefit is that as a higher apprentice even before graduating from the programme they will fully understand how the business works. This allows apprentices to be better equipped to do the work,rather than a graduate who is unfamiliar with the business processes and procedures.
  • National Audit Office Report estimates that adult Apprenticeships deliver £18 of economic benefits for each £1 of Government investment
  • Advanced Level apprentices earn between £77,000 and £117,000 more over their lifetime than those with lower level qualifications; this rises to £150,000 for those doing Higher Apprenticeships.
  • 70%report higher productivity and improved quality of product/service.
·Higher Apprenticeships cover 4 levels: L4 – Certificate of Higher Education, L5 –Foundation Degree, HND L6 – Degree, L7 – Masters Degree (no Higher Apprenticeships currently but are under development via Trailblazers).

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