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How does racism in the lower class differ from racism in the middle class? watch

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    I've always wondered how racism in the lower class was supposed to work. I've heard so many random things about racism in the lower class:
    > People from the lower class tend to be more racist because they want to keep their jobs
    > Lower class people are often called "chavs", and Muslims and Blacks are often stereotyped as "chavvy"
    > Races are divided along class lines, so Muslims and Blacks often integrate well with the lower class whites.
    > Lower class people are more Islamophobic and racist
    > East Asians and Indians usually receive more racism from lower class people than middle class people; it's almost chavvy to be racist to these people

    I don't get how all the statements above can be true. Apparently lower class people are very integrated into Black culture and are very friendly towards Muslims, but they're also apparently far more racist than the middle class...

    Hi there,

    It might be best to actually talk to people from all social backgrounds and then devise what I would call a table and/or chart.

    This will then allow you to gather the information you need while helping somebody else that could potentially have the same question in years to come.

    I for one would love to hear your findings. Can anyone recommend a chart for ringitloud?


    They are less concerned with being politically correct, so are more likely to use racist language, though this isn't the same as having genuine hate.

    Also I'm part of the underclass, I've never seen a muslim be called a chav even once. People only see them as muslims regardless of social class, no other identity is acknowledged.

    Of course these are all broad generalisations.

    (Original post by ringitloud)
    Apparently lower class people are very integrated into Black culture and are very friendly towards Muslims
    Who the **** told you that!? Sure, you get a fair few white working class wiggers (see chav 'rappers' on YouTube FYR) but that doesn't mean communities mix well more generally. Muslim culture is anathema to white working classes, and vice versa
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