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Does the guy like me? watch

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    I went to college for induction day, he was quiet but was always around me, on the " tour " session on induction if I went in front, middle, back (as I'm a fast walker natually so being slower than usually I'm still faster than average) he always ended up being next to me, never talk just was bored to death with the tour (same as me)

    After final break he ended up being behind me... on the wall behind me, reflections (Its funny people don't realise this stuff) he points at me and whispers to friend, as it was a new room everyone found a new seat, this one was teamwork lesson he came in after whispering to his friend " hmm where to sit? ", "lets sit over here" (friend said) there was only one seat and 2 seats after one person sitting next to me but decided to sit next to me anyway.

    He then goes " Hi, I'm ____, whats your name? " ; " ___(name) " (I liked him but was shy) he said " What about you? " -person next to me- --didn't respond-- " Oh you two are sociable aren't you. First time he wasn't quiet, but he wasn't quiet on last break much.

    We then have to do the teamwork and we was all moved into groups, where I sat was only one seat again, he still moved there and friend was on side.. again (had to find a seat), he and his friend started making a laugh all of a sudden from quiet/calm to a sudden funny side on teamworking exercise. At end I said stuff he kept saying "What I can hear you " and went closer to hear I said " you might need to balance the bottom otherwise it'll drop when someone sits ", later on he puts in flat-line balloons and says "__ you did good in teamwork", had a downward face as if it didn't go as planned.

    We now had to do the sitting and I was going to fix it while sitting to make us win, and he laughed through it, as we won he went " yess -laughed-" when class finish as I'm a speedy walker he tried to go down stairs faster than others even though his friends was upstairs walking slower.. even if I walk slower he couldn't catch up I'm still above average walker.

    I'm a guy, his a guy he looks in eyes etc (I didn't much; couldn't tell if he was bi/gay or not so I hide... yes gay people do that str8 guys....)

    Is he just trying to be friendly or actually likes me and I f***ed it up?

    Your grammar is appalling. Some
    Of your sentences, I literally have no idea what you're saying in some of the parts of your text. It sounds like he's just being friendly though, give it some time to see how he acts from here on. You're a guy (I think?), try to find out if this guy is bi or gay, if he's not then chances are very slim/zero that he likes you in that respect
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