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    The US is currently in a very vulnerable state - the election is dividing people into aggressive 'Trump' and 'anything but Trump' camps with little respect and care for understanding of the others' arguments. A tension which alone (regardless of what you think of either candidate), if certain events pass, could significantly damage the US and world for decades to come.

    I'm curious as to what event you would consider the greatest threat, based on:
    -short term consequences
    -long term consequences

    Three things I've thought about are:

    Voting machines hacked (in a way that they have obviously been hacked) in favour of Hillary Clinton (likely by somebody anti-Hillary-Clinton, trying to give the other side fuel).

    voting machines are actually very easy to hack (explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3_0x6oaDmI ) - there have already been hacking involved in this election with intent that may or may not have been for justice or a divided US, so I'd say it's fairly likely as these things go.

    Short term consequences:

    If Trump wins - huge cries for 'lock her up', if he delivers through any non-proper route (unless Hillary Clinton is shown to be directly responsible for the hack, which is extremely unlikely considering the number of people interested in hacking and what she'd have to lose by doing so, therefore the locking up will be 100% unjustified for the charge) US takes a step towards the Russian system and away from democracy - Trump gets away with using political imprisonment and may start using the sort of authoritarian approach to politics we see in many countries not considered 'free'.
    If Hillary wins - massive riots - significant chance of her assassination.

    Political figure killed by extremist for one side

    Likelihood - in the wake of the Jo Cox shooting unfortunately we've seen it can happen, the US is a country with a much larger population, much easier access to guns and a much higher proportion of people with 'extreme' views - unfortunately, again quite likely

    Short term consequences - no idea how the top two candidates would respond - either widens barrier or acts as a reality check - if widens barrier then we could see more shootings (from both sides) and the US descends into the dirtiest politics out there.

    Long term consequences - if divides, chance of political mass shootings becoming a thing - if brings together - hopefully a more sensible world.

    New president assassinated shortly after election day:

    Likelihood - fairly low (happily)

    Short term consequences - full scale riots, hugely divided nation, probable recession.

    Long term consequences - depending on handling either divisions rise to the point of a possible civil war, or acts as a huge wake up call and politicians start focussing on bringing people together instead of dividing them?

    What do you think? What would the worst possible outcome of this incredible time in US politics be?

    Regrettable incidents tend to cause far less damage than expected untill some regrettable incident does far more damage than anyone could have imagine.

    Worst things have happened in Europe many times and had absolutely no or almost no effect on general routines of public life.

    Most Americans will give you one of two answers, "vote Hilary" or "vote Trump".
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