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    Hey guys, My name is Kevin, I'm a postgraduate student and I will arrive at the University of Warwick on the 24/09/16.I wanted to live on-campus but I have just got an email from the accommodation resource that allocated me a room in Disbery Hall in Leamington Spa. Does anyone know how is this accommodation? I'm an international student and do not know how are the outskirts of Leamington Spa... Is it a good city for student life? Is it easy to take part on the on-campus life from this accommodation?Thank you in advance for the answers

    Sorry to reply that late. I was placed there as well. I want to leave it here for anyone else who googles the question:

    DO NOT go to Disbery Halls. Look for private accommodation if possible. It is on site of a 6th form and higher education college, and due to the presence of under-18th there's a lot of restrictive rules in place. Possession of alcohol on the premises is not permitted. You can't even have a kettle in your room (yes, even if you intend to use it only in the kitchen). Bathrooms are TINY. By which I mean the whole floor is the shower basin, and the toilet seat takes up a half of what normally would be the shower space.

    Also the commute is not as good as Warwick describes it. Yes, the bus ride is 20 min, but it takes over 10 min to get to the bus stop, and the buses do not leave every 5-10 min as described on the timetable. This morning I had to wait there for over 20, because a few full buses just went past my stop without taking on any passangers. So the commute, is 40+ min.

    Oh, and forgot to mention, they won't let you use LAN. High speed broadband in the description is a lie. You get 3.8 Mbit/s max.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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