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I'm thinking of dropping one of my four Alevels
I'm doing RS, Biology,chemistry, and English lit
I'm thinking of dropping biology or RS (haven't had any chemistry lessons so far) but I don't know which too
We've been told that the new spec in biology involves a lot of maths (basic and as it says on the spec some bits of Alevel maths 😱) I did do well at maths GCSEs (A) but I did surprisingly well- I've always struggled with maths so worked really hard but I really don't think I can make that big an effort again on top of four Alevels . I got a c in bio but still went ahead cos I thought I'd do well if I worked harder do care. RS is okay but seems very time consuming and though I like it I'm not that passionate about it (thinking of dropping it after AS)
The problem is I want to drop RS but have a feeling I'd do better in it than in bio as I did much better in it at GCSE (A*)
However, i don't think I'll like it this year as it seems quite boring and this may cause my grade to slip but in terms of bio the fact that it is a highly respected subject that would obviously go well with chemistry may make me try hard but it still seems so hard. I don't want to drop RS (that could potentially be a back up subject) and then end up failing bio meaning I'd obviously have to retake yr12 or at least the subject ( there are very clever looking ppl who r in such an unfortunate situation so do I stand a chance?). If drop biology and don't enjoy RS I'll end up having to put up with the subject for two years and even after that may find it difficult to get in to a top uni as I want to as RS (though a really good subject) isn't one of the traditional subjects - it would only come in handy if I wanted to do philosophy or RS or something similar at uni which I don't
So basically I need some advice on whether to drop or go ahead with four Alevels
If possible could someone who is studying the new bio spec (I think they started teaching it last year) tell me a little bit more about it? Thanks (and sorry about the essay)
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Continue 4 AS for 2 weeks then decide, majority of people take 4 AS anyway and gives you options to drop worst subject later on or at the end of AS or do bad in one but not have to retake the year.If you really struggle swap subjects or drop one, right now keep your options open; nothing is urgent

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