Misdiagnosis of herpes?

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    Ok, so at the beginning of the week I went to the STI clinic as I noticed a rash and a few spots 'down there'. The nurse I saw said it was herpes, although it was unusual as it was very mild and I had no other symptoms (itchiness/pain/flu-like illness etc). She took a swab to see if it was type 1 or 2 but I haven't got the results of it yet. I told my partner (the only person I've ever slept with), he freaked out, went to a private clinic and got his results today, stating that he does not have herpes. If he doesn't have it, then how could I have it? I suppose the only possibility is that he maybe has the virus in his mouth and passed it on during oral sex, but he says he's never actually had a cold sore in his life.

    Does anyone else have experience of misdiagnosis of herpes? What else could the rash/spots be?

    You got it from him. Herpes not only present themselves as cold sore but thry also appear inside the mouth as mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers are easily brushed off as any symptom of anything serious thats why he minght not know he has herpes or he's just ****ing with you, did u see he's result ?

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    unless theres an active flare up you cant possibly diagnose it, and even swabs will be negative during a flare up if not taken at the right time....
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    (Original post by Pyropink)
    unless theres an active flare up you cant possibly diagnose it, and even swabs will be negative during a flare up if not taken at the right time....
    Yeah my results ended up being negative so now I don't know what to think...maybe the swabs were taken at the wrong time, but the guy I slept with is the only partner I've ever had and he's never had any symptoms, and my symptoms were very mild - just spots, no flu like symptoms, itchiness, pain etc so now I don't know what to think!
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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