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6th form Journey/Becoming a butterfly (and leaving the (metaphorical) nest) Watch

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    Week One

    Heya guys.
    Well this is technically a follow on blog from my previous "GCSE Journey to proving ALL my teachers wrong" (or something like that...) in which I largely completed my aim and beat most of predicted grades.

    Anyways, new year and all that, so new blog.

    I've started Sixth form at a new school and I'm taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computing and today was my second full day,

    Here's how my week's gone:
    Monday was our first induction day.
    I was 2 minutes late because Govia (AKA the *insert swear word of your choice* who run Thameslink) were doing what they usually do and were being incapable of running a train line without cancellations and delays.
    I got to the station for the early train which was cancelled. The next train was first delayed, and then got cancelled so I had to travel by tube.
    But there were a lot of late people Monday, so it was fine.

    We had a short assembly and then proceeded to find out our tutor groups. We did some things within our tutor groups and we "bonded".
    (The first question I was asked by the guy who sits next to me in class was "Are you an introvert much?)
    We did some problem solving and then some admin and talks with teachers and then we did a quiz in our form groups.

    First we had our ALIS test which is about progress and predicted grades. Then we went on a tour of a local university which was quite awesome because we got to tour their new building which hasn't actually been finished yet and is huge and has amazing architecture on the outside, and then we went back to school after we are lunch.
    My friend and me were three minutes late back and they had already started getting worried!!!
    In the afternoon we received our textbooks, timetables and we had a club fair where we got to see all the different clubs on offer, which we were made to join "at least three"

    Yesterday was my first full day and I had a day full of doubles (double Computing, double Maths, double extension (which was a lecture). Computing was easy, Maths was :eek: and extension was fine, once I actually understood what the lecturer was talking about

    Today I had Computing, free, double Physics, Stats/Des and Core,
    Computing was easy again, free was slightly dull because I had no homework to do, Physics was fun, des was quite monotonous and core was fine.
    At lunch I scraped my knee climbing over a 30cm wall and there was a bit of blood even though it was a couple of tiny grazes and everyone was worried . (Which was actually quite funny).
    We were talking later about how the pastoral care at school seems to be quite good and then at some point in the conversation we were talking about drugs and I mentioned that I thought that if people came into school high, they'd get expelled, but then one of my friends made a comment that the school would probably just make them get counselling in school which tbh would actually probably happen.

    Anyways, I'm so tired now! It's only 9:50 and I can barely keep my eyes open even though I've barely done any work this afternoon
    -I'll probably do my work in my free tomorrow...

    My tomorrow looks like this: double Core, free, Mech. We finish at 1:15 and I'm trying to debate whether I should just go home to sleep or hang out with a group of girls.

    Next Friday looks like this: double core, free, mech, double Free.
    And I have to stay in school during frees

    But meh...

    I'm really enjoying myself, I've made friends and even though it's so much work, it seems totally worth it and I'm really happy I've moved!
    This weekend will be full of sleep (Saturday) and then Sunday I'll have a tonne of work to get done.
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    Good luck x
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    (Original post by nisha.sri)
    Good luck x
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    Week 1

    FridayI really enjoyed today!
    I had double Core today which was really good because I covered the topic we did two night ago so I was fine with it.
    My free wasn't as bad as yesterday's. I spoke to a couple of people I hadn't spoken to and got a (disgusting ) coffee from our coffee machine (at least is was only 60p which is less than everything in the vending machine).
    Then I had Mechanics with this teacher who has long Thor-hair - the lesson was slightly pointless tbh, but it was fun.
    Then I went home!!

    Tomorrow is going to be full of me sleeping/ seeing a friend from primary school, and Sunday will be work

    My aim for the day (with my friend) was to talk to new people who I hadn't spoken to before, so we split up a bit and did!!
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    Just as a thing to explain the whole butterfly part...

    A) My username, as you have been able to see due to whatever enables you to see in your eye (I'm not doing Bio, don't judge my lack of knowledge.), my username is Iwishicouldfly14.
    From a young age, my dream has been to fly - I just loved that feeling of being free etc, and that was bought up recently in a thread I started (Bored again AMA) (I think...) and it was mentioned that sometimes I find that people "pull me down" metaphorically, and don't allow me to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. *Everyone stare at my darling mother*
    So as you can guess, I'm very excited at the prospect of uni in a couple of years

    B) Before this summer, I had pretty s*** self confidence. I got anxious really easily and when I was around new people, I would usually be a complete loner and not talk to anyone or make an effort because I felt everyone would judge me etc.
    Anyways, in August I did NCS and I went in "faking" my confidence, and it worked really well because it did make me feel so much more confident.
    I was terrified throughout NCS that my confidence wouldn't last, or something would cause it to drop or it would not withstand starting sixth form, but it has.
    So in a way this is my journey to becoming more extroverted, aka becoming more of a social butterfly.

    And C)
    Butterflies are awesomeeee
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    Week 2


    I left the house a bit later than usual (Monday blues) but everything was still fine, and I still got to school at my regular time.

    First I was meant to have Personal Development which I'm pretty sure is just PCHE, but it got cancelled so I had a free with a couple of friends and I spoke to someone new.
    After my free, I had Problem Solving, which was good, but I'm pretty sure the teacher taking it thinks I'm a bit of an idiot (more on that for later). But it was fun I guess, and quite a few people didn't turn up so there were only 6 of us.

    Third I had Des (*Boo* - Almost everyone in the year seems to hate it). The lesson wasn't too bad, but it wasn't the best and my table kept getting told off for talking (I take the blame )

    Fourth I had Physics with the teacher I named Baldy**
    We did a practical where we worked in groups and then put all our results together and I realised that one group had included an extra piece of data, but I wasn't sure who, so I went through and realised it was my group (Meaning me) And that I can't count to two.
    (I'm in bottom set maths guys, it's allowed. (At one of the top schools in the country )
    And now there's a mini running joke that I'm going to get an A** in Maths.

    **I have two teachers with similar names. One is bald, and the other has long blonde hair (but is a guy) so I have named them Baldy and Thor.
    We have a private joke that my actual form tutor (I have 2) is Grey Hair and my other form tutor is Beardy Mc Beardy because he has a fluffy beard.
    I really want him to shave it!! But I'm also quite sure the reason he has a beard is because he's quite young and once to look more "authoritative"

    Anyways, then I had lunch and we walked 10 minutes to get to some shops and I found a sweet-chili chicken wrap sandwich I can eat so I had that and then we went back to school.

    A bit more dull and that's all that can be said.
    Last I had Mechanics with Thor and tbh the lesson was actually quite dull, but I laughed a lot because basically all we were doing was drawing and talking about the chance of a satsuma dying (the teacher dropped it on the floor in each class).
    He asked up what we thought the Satsuma felt, and I said "Pain"

    WTF was wrong with me today??!!

    Anyways, tomorrow we're visiting the House of Parliament which is making me miss my last two lessons which are a double free and have been scheduled for Friday afternoon.
    Yay. Two hours of nothing to do. On a Friday afternoon.

    And that is it!

    (Original post by iwishicouldfly14)
    Week 2

    Fourth I had Physics with the teacher I named Baldy**
    The Baldys are always the top lads you know
    I'm finding all of the nicknames for your teachers so amusing lol i'm so immature. Me and my friends do the same!
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    I left the house a bit earlier than usual today because I wanted to go in early so I could actually get a seat in the cafeteria before everyone arrived (I know, sad life). But my friend was early for once and she's usually late!

    I had double computing which was a bit dull and a girl on my table kept trying to compare answers with me and when we had a different answer, she automatically assumed I was wrong because I don't know.
    I was right, by the way (she forgot we were working with 8 bit).

    After I had double Physics with Beardy Mc Beardy (who shall now be called BMB). He's quite a good teacher but he always smiles and stares and laughs randomly.

    Lunch started at 1:15 and we were leaving at 1:30 so we ate in the cafeteria, and as we walked there, my Core teacher stopped us and asked "What are you girls doing inside on a day like today?" First of all, at least half the school was inside, and second of all: SNAPE
    But she's really nice unlike Snivellus.

    On the way to the Houses of Parliament, me and my friend ended up walking really slow and BMB kept trying to get us to hurry up but we both have really short legs so it failed.

    My bra buzzed through the metal detector scanner thing (like at an airport) so the guy was waving his small metal detector around me to check it was actually my bra and not something else
    The tour itself wasn't too bad, though I ended up being that one person that answers (and knows the answer) to every single question . (I hate those people).

    The lady asked who the current president of the US was and my friend accidently said Teresa May

    We were talking to Thor about his hair and he said he's probably going to cut it soon and that once its cut we'll be able to see his receding hairline and then we started talking about BMB and if he has a receding hairline because he's got quite curly hair and we were guessing how old they both were.

    Anyways, then we had a really dull session on the debating and I'm pretty sure the lady leading it was flirting with Thor and BMB and then we got our bags back etc, and we got badges and I took 2 of one of them even though I was only allowed to take 1 ( #ThugLife) and then Thor called me a cheeky something (which is pretty patronising), but I didn't hear what the last part of what he said was.

    And that was today.

    This kind of feels like a bit more of a diary, as opposed to a blog, because I don't really talk about my school work that much - but meh.
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    Today was what I call, a double-double.
    Why? Because I have double Computing, double Core.

    Computing was dull(ish). We had to make these really boring posters, but we were allowed to use our phones to "research" so let's just say that our year's WhatsApp group was very active (#RIPMalek)

    Core wasn't too bad, but I realised I had completely forgot this one thing so I had to redo all my work.

    After lunch we had "Math-somethingorrather" where we were split into teams and had to do challenges. It was hard, but fun.
    The head asked me my name and then asked me if it was after the lake (my name is a lake in a certain country...) and I said yes - it was kinda random because he was the only one who's actually asked that.
    He also tried to put me "in charge" of one of the maths challenges but I made a comment along the lines of "But I'm in set 4 maths" to which he replied "but you're the spirit of the team".
    That challenge was only completed because the person running it got so bored of us failing (it was like a weird version of 32 dares).

    After, I stayed in school to "work", got some maths help, had an argument with my friend over music, and then we went home - and I've only finally got back! (And Bake Off starts soon but I have so much hwk for tomorrow.... )

    ----I think after this week, I'll only post on Fridays - because posting every week day for 2 years sounds a bit much... ------
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    I only just remembered that this was a thing. And um. Well. Me posting consistently did definetly not happen. I apologise, but to be honest, I would probably have bored everyone to death.
    Short recap of the year:

    Well, not literally. But I definetly did not become a social butterfly.
    I also am going to end up with AS grades that I'm not very happy with.

    I made new friends, met some awesome people, had teachers that I am so so appreciative of and in general, had fun.

    I'm honestly at the stage now, where I feel like grades aren't all that important, and that the most important thing is to be happy.
    If I end up applying for uni this year, I'll be applying for Physics, but my actual plans are to move abroad, so we'll see what actually happens.

    This feels incredibly awkward.
    So I apologise again,
    And I guess come results day, I will post.
    Not that it will be particularly useful, because I haven't really mentioned the academic side of tihings.
    But **shrugs**
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