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Should I do GCSE History by dropping GCSE Geography? watch

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    I am rather creative and imaginative.

    I am now in Year 10 and I am currently doing GCSE Geography, but I feel as if History would be more fun. I love Geography too, but I have learnt to appreciate History a little bit more. However, since the GCSEs are getting harder, I am gravitated a bit towards Geography from this aspect.

    My english grades are good - I had got a 6 + 7 from the end of Year 9, with the near chance of getting an 8. In History (Term 5 / Year 9) I had achieved a 7B (highest being 8C). Though I am doing an extra GCSE for RE, which is oriented towards long essays and critical thinking, so the two subjects are' relatively' similar (am i right?) and i will get a similar experience with RE.

    I am very keen, so I will definitely catch up on things I have missed if I decide to do History. The sad thing is I have just completed a 15 page geography assignment over the summer ( it wasn't major, but I just enjoyed doing it) so it will be hard dropping Geography.

    I will have little regret, however, if i do drop Geography, because I don't mind watching documentaries in my spare time instead (its the physical geography I am most keen about, but Geography as a whole is very good).

    Teacher wise, History teachers seem to be more productive than Geography teachers - we have to spend some time gluing things in, colouring in etc.

    Thanks for reading!
    Sorry for my undecided mind.
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    Pick the subject that you may want to do at A level and are good at and can get a good grade in. Talk to your teachers and see what they think.

    Hi I'm in year 10 too an I do both history and geography. Both are great GCSEs and I'm really happy I chose both. I find that history is more interesting but I tend to do better in geography. If you're not sure then I'd stick with geog as catching up will be a lot of work however you could totally do it. I think if you're not certain that you want to cahnge then don't. I so nearly changed from geog to Greek but so glad I didn't you chose geog so u should trust you're first instinct

    Hi! I'm currently in year 11 and I'm studying both Geography and History. I swapped Spanish for History near the end of year 9 so I joined a little later than the other pupils in my class. Personally, I prefer History over Geography but in my end of year exams last year I got an A* in both. Personally, I had to adjust my writing style to fit in with History but I love writing. History I find is more writing and saying your personal opinions whereas Geography is moe of a science and requires the facts. You still need to remember facts in History but I find it more interesting. Go with your gut! What A levels and career are you hopinh to go on to?
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