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Hello everyone,

I have a few questions regarding my situation:
I took a foundation degree at a university (passed it) and used the results to transfer to a better university. Started at year 1 and half failed the year, they are now telling me to take a year out and take the modules i failed again in the next upcoming academic year so from what i understand i wont be registered to the university because i'll be an external student (only paying for exams). The length of this course is 4 years.
If i ask to repeat the year internally will sfe still fund the whole duration of my course because from what i understand itsduration of course + 1 - any previous years studied so is it gonna be:
a) 4 + 1 -2 (because i did first year and a foundation year) or
b) 4 + 1 -1 (just first year)
c) So what im asking here is if i repeat the year internally will they fund me for 4 years?
d) If i dont repeat the year and only take the exams as an external student i dont take money off sfe so when i do pass those exams and move onto 2nd year will sfe still fund the rest of the 3 years?
And lastly regarding maintenance loans and grants if i take the exams externally will i still be eligible for maintenance loans and grants for the year where im not registered at the university but am taking external exams so my ID card and accounts at the university are still active and if yes will this affect my maintenance loans and grants for the duration of the course when im done with that external year and moving on to the other years of my course?

Sorry its long winded hoping an expert can help me here and answer all of my questions, thank you for the help in advance.

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