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My school has been falsifying* results. What do I do? Watch

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    Hi. I'm new here, however, have always been recommended to these forums by fellow classmates as for exam answers, helpful advice on school life as well as other things having to do with school. To be honest, I have limited clue as which section would be appropriate for the matter, however, this section seems to be the most generic that would allow for such a discussion about this topic. I do apologise if this is a problem.

    Anyhow, I have a problem that has been irritating me a lot ever since I've investigated the matter and trying to understand why my school would do such things. I'll keep everything general, however, I'm free to discuss some things in a bit of detail but not specific due to the topic at hand.

    To start, my school is very keen on maintaining their social media and reputation in good shape, somewhat like all schools, documenting students at work and sharing displays of achievement as to show what's happening around school. GCSEs came around, and 25th of August, I got my exam results as well as others, mine were not too shabby as I tend to be a consistently well-rounded student and top of my class in STEM subjects. A couple of classmates (I'd say are a part of the brighter students) and I gave permission as to allow the school to take photos of us looking elated about our results and then displayed upon the school's social media. What shocked me *upon looking at the school's social media a couple days after, I noticed that my results (that was shown within the description of the photo taken of me and a friend) were bumped up a little. I didn't really bat an eye and said "Heh, must have been a mistake with their system." and gave no thought to it, as I accept that people make mistakes from time to time.

    A week and some days later, I get accepted into the school's sixth form, along with a buddy of mine that was also displayed upon the school's social media but also interviewed by the local newspaper about his good grades. A few days in, we get a free period to study and talk in an isolated room, whilst making sure we get the necessary work done. Buddy of mine brings up the topic of his GCSE grades being raised upon the school's social media, later informed by me that mine were 'exaggerated' as well. Looked further into the matter since I had the time and emailed the other students that were also shown upon the school's social media and explained the situation to them, which they responded with that they also had some concern about it, one classmate replying that their grades displayed in the description of a photograph of them were inflated by an A*, which looked favourably better from a stranger's perspective and definitely would get parents as to send their kids to the school. Another student replied back to me, saying that they weren't aware of how many courses they actually did in secondary school and how many GCSEs that equated to, as they had 1-2 more GCSEs that were unexpected, but those inflated results were displayed online as well in a post about them. They were also interviewed by the newspaper.

    One thing I should also note is that my school is very boastful about good results by students and would use the recent exam results almost like propaganda for those that have a year or so left until they do theirs. Whole school assembly and principal brings up the good results on screen and goes with the flow of the inflated results, displaying them as they aren't meant to be, and brings in factors such as attendance and punctuality as to correlate with these grades.

    Sure, it could all be a coincidence that these mistakes were made, but with trust issues arising, that would be sugarcoating it. I don't condone such things as lying, especially for the purpose of money. I do understand that a school could be deemed a place of business, however, lying and exaggerating grades online as to maintain a good reputation (which can then attract new students to join the school and in turn, allow the school to get more funding for being able to handle this bigger population but also a bit of a higher paycheck I suppose), I do feel a need to ask and talk about this issue and what I should do as I have issues in dealing with these situations where my morality and conscience is tested.

    Thank you for reading. I don't mind any types of responses as I like the fact that I can vent my issue here and somewhat get some appropriate information from people I can relate to.
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