Could anyone help by providing me their resources for the following subjects?

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    Hi! I'm currently beginning year 11 and I want to begin revising for the following subjects/areas:

    -English Literature (AQA) - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde- An Inspector Calls- Macbeth- Power and Conflict Anthology
    -Maths (any practice questions/links to previous papers would be great however I am studying for the new spec.)
    -Science (AQA- All 3 sciences up to the triple science level)
    -Geography (AQA- Restless Earth, Tourism, Coasts, Population&Migration)
    -History (OCR- WW1, Russia (1905-1945 I think?), League of Nations etc.)

    I am compiling folders for each subject and I'm hoping to gather up a variety of notes so that I can have a wider knowledge. If you have any documents/resources relating to any of the subjects above that would be great Thanks in advance Also study tips would be appreciated.
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    Update: I have found several resources for the aspects of English Literature apart from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...

    Maths is on AQA website for new spec, type in new maths gcse practise paper

    For GCSE physics, I think this will help:
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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